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BigCommerce Help Center and Support

Need BigCommerce support?

If you are in need of immediate assistance, feel free to submit your request and we will get back to you asap.

​When it comes to getting help for your BigCommerce Store, there are several options at your disposal. At TheGenieLab, we are certified BigCommerce Experts which specialize in all areas of the platform and our team of BigCommerce developers are ready to assist you. Below are the various support services available to you, and will vary when it comes to the user experience.

BigCommerce Support Resources

The central place for reading and accessing the various knowledge databases, articles, ideas, will direct you from there. It is important to note that this is a research environment, where interactions are between the community and some experts.

BigCommerce Video Support

The platform has a youtube channel where they cover introductions, tutorials, and various announcements - it is an alternative to reading through resources but the content is more limited when it comes to troubleshooting. The channel can be found here:

Where do you login into your store?

A common question asked, yet just as important for you to remember - it is a central location at:

If you can't remember your password credentials, you will have to try the "Forgot?" so that you can reset your password - this will email you a temporary password for you to then reset it. If you do not remember any of your BigCommerce Login information (Email and Password) for your online store, you will have to reach out to the support team.

Contacting BigCommerce Support

Some BigCommerce pricing plans might have dedicated support, however, for most standard BigCommerce plans where it comes to troubleshooting your eCommerce website, or having questions about your website builder this page offers several ways to reach their support team:

 User Research on common questions will be located at the top, ranging from design and development questions, selling products and how to structure them, search engine optimization, and content architecture recommendations.

Common Questions for those instances where you are unsuccessful in searching/finding a fitting topic of search, at times reading through the various common questions might help rephrase your search or might have the right context and topic you were looking for.

BigCommerce Phone Support - If you have an emergency, this is the quickest way to get BigCommerce Help and Support.

BigCommerce Help and Support.

USA & Canada




New Zealand


United Kingdom












Hong Kong




South Korea

080: 080-808-0985



All other countries*


Getting BigCommerce Experts assistance

If you need help in the technical areas or have work done, the BigCommerce Experts are certified by the platform to assist. At TheGenieLab we have achieved this certification and are listed here

To view the full directory of partners segmented into regions - see the following location:

BigCommerce B2B Edition and BigCommerce Enterprise plans ​

These platforms require additional sets of skills to understand the business space and business model they serve. The context of migrations, setting up the online store, user-centered design, start selling online quickly are all part of the customer satisfaction of customer support. With these plans, usability testing, information architecture, data transfer, data auditing, configuration management, BigCommerce Apps, and Custom Apps might all require thorough planning and scheduled/timely execution to which a BigCommerce Expert versed in these platforms is required. 

Using the side filters of the partners' directory: "Web Developer"   "Elite"   "BigCommerce Certified" and the country you are in will narrow down the choices. Different searches for a standard plan where "Elite" would be changed to "Preferred" or "Partner" would suffice.

If you still need help?

As we mentioned before, TheGenieLab is a certified BigCommerce Partner and is ready to engage in any assistance you might require. Just fill out the form at the top and we will be in touch with you usually in a few hours. No matter what BigCommerce plan you are on (Standard to Pro plan), B2B Edition, or Enterprise we can assist without delay. We hope the breakdown of the various BigCommerce Help and Support options are useful and hope your solutions come to you quickly.

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