Your Online Store for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2021

Your Online Store for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2021

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A lot of store owners are actively engaged in getting ready with their digital marketing for the big sales event of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Over the years, the Black Friday eCommerce efforts have been ramping up in both the promotions as well as the various marketing channels to get the word out. Are you ready for another big Sales Event? With Christmas right behind it?

Global Supply Chain challenge

Supply Chains are going to be the driver when it comes to promoting the goods and driving revenue this year. 2021 will be remembered as the supply chain disruption of the century, access to stock might be "King" when it comes to outsmarting the competition. With this in mind, eCommerce sites will be focused on what's available over what's most profitable. Shopping carts will just sit if you are out of stock, remarketing will not do any better either, and Cyber Monday will be the next domino.

Prepping for your Promotions

No matter the number of products that will be promoted, the landing pages, home page, and all the collateral for your online marketing require due diligence aligning themselves to the products and with the focus of cross-selling when it comes to profit margins all the while focused on inventory levels. Assuming your product strategy for Black Friday/Cyber Monday is well forecasted, the job of getting the word out through your digital marketing strategy will require your web development to get you ready:

  • Assets for Black Friday/Cyber Monday - Page Layouts, Images, Descriptions, Discounts/Prices

  • Landing Pages aligned to various lead-generating advertising, posts, and announcements.

  • Digital Media for Email Marketing, Social Media marketing, and any other traditional marketing.

  • Funnel Review of your traditional marketing channels and digital channels.

  • Don't forget to prepare for Cyber Monday Sales with product rotations, and advertisement changes.

eCommerce Tools for Better Conversions

You already most likely have a good toolset for your online store, however, some might require some changes for the big Sale day. For example, your Countdown Timer will require changes for Black Friday and the same for Cyber Monday deals. Abandoned basket remarketing, Friend referrals coupons, Returns Apps, Customer Service, and Chat, Upsell recommendations App - all the various features are either native or can be obtained through Apps/Plugins/Extensions in your eCommerce software (ie. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce)

SEO for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Planning out search queries for keywords so as to capture the organic search demand requires planning ahead. Products and Services need to be researched on the keywords that will be in the search results of the Sales weekend. Popular search engines will have a keyword set associated with your key products, brand, and promotional language to capitalize on by blogging, pre-announcements (to prime your audience) for November 26, 2021.

Your Content Marketing is usually a continuous effort to promote your online store. Focus on raising consumer confidence in customer service, product availability, online support for any questions and concerns need to bring the message forward alongside your promotions. They do say Price is king, but a good customer experience seals the deal.

Google Searches in Ads and Keywords

In preparing your Ads, having your keywords pre-defined and are being correlated to the Landing Pages will help greatly to strengthen your voice and message. Not just the product names, but also the language of what and how it will be searched so as to reinforce the authority of the page and help raise the profile of your promotion.

Social Media Ads

While Social Media can be a lot more visually focused, images are a greater focus on displaying and attracting interest. With the ability to segment and profile audiences in the toolset provided by the platform, keep in mind that the experience and announcements can be just as viral if you can get the word out in the right groups, and the right message.

Abandoned Shopping Cards Remarketing

Experienced online marketers know that this is a treasure trove of conversion opportunities. The tools to re-market are key to having the audience return and finish their transaction. If they have products in the basket and get distracted, the choices that they had made are still remembered - saving them time, as well as having settled on pricing. Acting on this during the sale period gives the audience to still capitalize on the sale period and transact. Together with the Countdown Timer feature, it gives customers the ability to know the timeliness of their decision and gets them confidence in pulling the trigger.


We at TheGenieLab work on many online stores for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales event and drive hard to the Christmas Sales season. We understand the pressures of the businesses given the continued Pandemic, supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, and increased logistical costs. If can alleviate some of the burdens for this holiday season, give us a shout at

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