What's great about BigCommerce B2B Edition

What's great about BigCommerce B2B Edition

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Most businesses operate B2C, some do B2C and B2B and there are businesses that only cater to B2B. The experience and handling of the different customer set on pricing, relationship, credit, and special considerations all fall in the B2B area. Therefore the eCommerce system has to work differently for this audience with tools for account management, additional/different payment methods, quote management system and at times provide a physical point of sale. B2B sales for distributors and manufacturers that promote goods to businesses using Software as a Service (SAAS) has an amazing solution with BigCommerce B2B.

BigCommerce B2B Edition

This unique integration is with the BundleB2B App that delivers a combined pre-installed package for an easier customer experience. BundleB2B is well known to BigCommerce and is a premium App in the BigCommerce App Store. However, it is only offered as a BigCommerce Enterprise level pre-installed package to make up the BigCommerce B2B Edition. Any other plan has to go install the App and deal with BundleB2B for its installation and configuration. Additionally, BigCommerce B2B comes with 6 themes available and ready to go. For plan levels, the official statement is "There is no set dollar amount, as we provide pricing tailored to each merchant’s needs at any stage of growth. " when it comes to the Enterprise level plan, but can expect costs to start in the $ 1800s or so for the B2B Edition.

BigCommerce and BundleB2B

For those that feel that a non-Enterprise level plan is more suitable ($29, $80, and $300 plans) for their business, adding the BundleB2B App may be a better cost threshold for offering their products and services, especially if your primary market is B2C and would like to make B2B a newer or growing part of your sales (B2B and B2C). B2B core functionality from BundleB2B includes B2B Customer Account Management, B2B quoting Management, Customer Groups, B2B Invoice and Payment Management, B2B All-in-one ordering tools including payment options. All this is part of the SAAS model all the while catering to your B2C sales. A Sales rep handles the quotation side of the business, managing the customer interactions at the B2B level, working with price lists, re-order templates, and offering a great customer experience.


Exploring BigCommerce B2B Edition

If you are looking to change your eCommerce Platform and are considering a B2B SAAS environment that is customer-centric and delivers solid customer satisfaction, you can request a demonstration and take the first step in experiencing the BigCommerce B2B functionality. Managing bank accounts, debit cards, and other payment methods to work with other businesses is eye-opening on the flexibility in which you can work with retailers in pushing your products to the market.


Digging into the B2B Core features.

For those that operate in the B2B space, these will be an easy and expected set of functionality, but for those that haven't been used to using eCommerce tools to work with your B2B audience, then the following will assist you in understanding how "cool" this is.

2 Baskets to checkout: Yes, you get 2 baskets to convert with for your audience. Whether it is B2C or B2B or both, the ability to sell standard products or services to transact with a credit card/payment method as well as requesting a quotation for custom work - the Quote cart sends a request for a quote, to which you as a merchant evaluates the costs of workmanship and shipping, and send back an email link for the client to pay for the order to be merged back with the original order.

B2B Customer Account Management: There are 2 sides to Account Management, one is the client-side so that the business has a way to manage different departments and approvals or participate within a certain tier of discount. The ability to manage addresses (payment vs. different sites to deliver), payment methods (for the purchasing manager), and the ability to apply for a B2B account.

All-in-One tools: The ability for Super Admins to work with the client in being able to finish up a basket for a transaction just by logging in, and adjusting the order dynamically over the phone and the client seeing the changes real-time. The Buy-again functionality where you can take a previous order and make a new one from it, make small adjustments and be ready to place the order. It is convenient and time-saving. Shared shopping lists between departments, co-workers, senior buyers, and company administrators can make necessary adjustments and approvals.

B2B Invoice and Payment Management: Key to conversion as well as ensuring a solid customer service feature, the ability to offer ACH Bank transfers, and other forms of payment. Partial payment for an invoice, net-terms, or multiple invoice payments. It is a central location for the client to manage and work with the business to acquire their products and services in a flexible way.


If you are considering a change of eCommerce solution, and have an opportunity to grow your business in the B2B space, then considering BundleB2B, BigCommerce B2B edition might be the tools that will help your sales grow. The customer experience ranging from account management, payment methods, and quote management make all the various needs B2B clients, as well as B2C clients with custom work easy to manage. If these business methods and processes are desirable for you and need a hand to evaluate your options on a SAAS platform - feel free to reach out to us at wish@thegenielab.com

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