What Are Sprint Development Teams? How Are They Used in Ecommerce?

What Are Sprint Development Teams? How Are They Used in Ecommerce?

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What are sprint teams?

In development, a sprint team is used to work on one specific project over a set period of time. Unlike standard development or creative work, team members in a sprint all work on one project.

Sprint teams are always cyclical – with a discernible beginning, middle and end. They exist in a vacuum outside of other work that’s currently being done for a client.

Sprint teams originated in software development, but they’re also used in a range of creative spheres. Here at TheGenieLab, our sprint team help to improve architectural issues, create software products or simply add exciting new features to a website.

How sprint teams work

To start, the sprint will establish the goal with the client and identify which solutions need to be developed.

Then the work begins. A specific number of developers (usually between 2 and 4 in our case) will start to build the software. During this time, sprints will be constantly inspected by a leader in charge of the project who will ensure that developers are still capable of reaching the sprint goal.

It’s typical for sprint teams to have a daily (or regular) meeting to keep the project on target. That’s because the process fosters creativity and new, exciting ideas will flow. Offering a time to quickly discuss these concepts means that time isn’t wasted during the actual sprint.

At the end of a sprint, it’s common for teams to hold a quite retrospective meeting to analyse the process and improve it for next time.

Why are sprint teams used?

Flexibility – budgetary concerns often mean that businesses aren’t able to commit to long-term projects. Sprinting allows managers to identify a project and solution and instruct a development team to complete it.

Synergy – developers can sometimes enjoy a (somewhat unfair, we think…) reputation for being aloof and antisocial. Yet sprinting usually occurs in open spaces to engender communication and allow team members to work together.

Creativity – as a result, work is often more creative than when developers work remotely. That’s why sprinting has been the method of choice for open source development projects.

Speed – the key is in the name. Sprinting focuses a team to work on a specific project and disregard everything else, which means that things can get done more quickly.

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