We are NationBuilder Architects – first in Wales

We are NationBuilder Architects – first in Wales

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We’re really pleased to announce that we have been certified as NationBuilder Architects. We are the first Architects to be certified in Wales, and one of the first in the UK. This is a really exciting new platform for us, and we can’t wait to get to work.

NationBuilder is community organising software built by a team in LA, founded by the inspirational activist Jim Gilliam. The tagline gives a sense of the power under the bonnet: ‘The tools of the powerful, for everyone’. It is democratising the way that that campaigns are run, from $19 / month.

Using NationBuilder, charities, organisations, movements, political parties and more can coordinate their online organising efforts.

The power of the platform is the way it bring you closer to voters, to supporters, or to your stakeholders, by helping you to engage with people who are spread out geographically and socially.

NationBuilder focuses you on people, not technology

It is simple and straightforward, and focuses you very clearly on ‘People’, rather than getting lost in the technology. There are a huge range of uses for political campaigns. You can manage your website, manage your supporters and volunteers, organising your voter canvassing, arrange events and consolidate all your communications.

The sheer variety of tools is almost overwhelming – but what makes NationBuilder amazing is that when you log in, each aspect of your campaign can be managed from one place, and it is all centred around people. You can see how many times your supporters have attended events, engaged with you on Twitter, and spoken to you on the phone, and you can identify who to speak to turn your supporters, into your volunteers, your volunteers into your organisers, and so on.

If you’d like to find out more about how NationBuilder Architects can help, write to us at wish@thegenielab.com or call us on 01633 415364. Read more about NationBuilder here.

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