Top Shopify Customer Support Apps

Top Shopify Customer Support Apps

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With over 80 Shopify Customer Support Apps in the Shopify App Store, there are ample options to review and choose from. Customer Support is a key customer experience for your online store, and in today's world of Smartphones, expectations of real-time responses are only rising. Social Media can provide additional relief with communities assisting each other on the simpler questions, with the user experience can have a multi-prong approach to seeking answers. Lastly, there is Facebook Messenger where you can get direct assistance from your Shopify Store. Below are some top tools for your consideration for your Shopify eCommerce store.

How to approach the selection of a Customer Support App

Your business model is the biggest influencer in how identifying the right tool for your online business. There are big swaying items such as B2B vs. D2C which changes the dynamics of the customer type. The right customer interactions need to take place regarding products or services. Being customer-centric in delivering accurate and helpful information that's relevant, and impactful to enable clients to make the most of their investment/purchase will lead to greater customer loyalty. This good customer experience then gets shared on social media for word of mouth sharing, which then boosts your social media marketing. Social networks on either B2B or D2C will spread the word of your investment in the right tool and people which then augments your product sales.

UVdesk Shopify App

This App can cover small businesses to an enterprise-level Shopify Plus Store - which is very scalable, making your investment in the use of their system scale with your growth. The CMS integrated support system integrates into your store, and will additionally give you online chat for upfront support as well as Email support. Best of all it goes into your marketplaces as well to assist in answering questions when selling products. This tool integrates at every level, so you can catch all requests with one tool for a simple user interface design to adopt and respond through. If your approach is to show flexibility to address any concern, and if your clients are especially D2C types, this will work extremely well.

UVdesk has been adopted with over 500+ Shopify Stores and can be as little as $36/month for a 2-agent support team.

You get a 30-day free trial, and you can customize the visual design to match your brand.

Zendesk Shopify App

This is a pioneer and one of the largest Support software companies in the market. It is also one of the most capable customer support tools and covers every marketplace, Shopify Stores, and every tool you might use across social media, emails, texts, chats, and phone calls. It all funnels into your business flow in supporting your customers no matter how they reach out to you, and the ticketing systems ties back to the experts that you have assigned to support them. While customer expectations are high in getting the support they need, you have to have a strong customer experience strategy to deliver it - and Zendesk certainly is capable and delivering that experience. But much like all tools, it does require a knowledgeable person to ensure it is deployed with skill and integrates well into your business structure.

The cost is $19/month with a 30-day free trial

re: amaze Shopify App

While Zendesk is a pioneer and has been in the support field for a long time, re: amaze is a recent entry to the market, coming in with a fresh approach to addressing customer support. It covers all forms of communication paths, with special strengths in social media platforms. The additional advantage is to be able to support multiple businesses in one place - so if you have several branded Shopify Stores, this can leverage your support staff to cover all the stores. They have deep integrations into all platforms and have multichannel coverage and it is definitely worth having a look at their capabilities.

Cost is $20/month with a 14-day free trial

Customer Guru Shopify App

This App is focused on the smaller business and has an additional twist in enhancing testimonials via surveys which adds to your marketing (User Generated Content - UGC). The power of the tool is to understand your customer segmentation and to better differentiate and position your products. When doing so, you set better expectations and deliver a more on-point delivery of the user experience, which in turn reduces your support costs. This can be a powerful tool when considering your Shopify Customer Support App. Tying into your sales funnel, and even impacting your Shopify POS, the integration within Shopify is very smooth and seamless, giving a great user experience on pre-sales, and continued support post-sales. Integrations into Google Ads and Adwords are an additional bonus, however, for a focus on your Shopify store's support, it is a good contender for your customer support tool and can be run in conjunction with one of the tools above.

Cost is free based on 5-testimonials/surveys a month.

Giorgias Shopify App

Last but not least is Georgias, focused on your bottom line and how to drive efficiency in your customer support. Their focus is to give you the ability to respond to customers in short order, and have all your support tickets in one location. Much like the above-mentioned apps, Giorgias has a help chat to help convert your customers but also provides support. Their integrations cover social media, where you can engage and respond on the platforms which helps the top of the funnel in driving traffic to your website. Their coverage of all eCommerce platforms makes it easy to have your eCommerce store migrations planned as needed. This is a powerful D2C tool and can help your customer experience within a small team environment.

Cost is $30/month with a 7-day free trial


A lot of newer Shopify Stores start off with Facebook Messenger to interact with customers, but as they grow, keeping up with your support becomes too much to track individually, and you end up requiring a support structure to ensure that the support tickets are issues, tracked and get closed out in good time. This then becomes the threshold for any store owner to realize that it is time to consider something more than just being at the end of the line at all times of the day. The above tools give you the ability to control, centralize and reach into all the marketplaces all the while some may assist in your sales and marketing. Support is never at the forefront of your marketing strategy, where products and services are - however, it drives sales through word of mouth and social media experiences being shared. If at any point you find that your Shopify store needs assistance, feel free to reach out to us at

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