Top 10 Shopify Apps for 2021

Top 10 Shopify Apps for 2021

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Shopify's cloud shopping cart is gaining market share all the while the diverse universe of Apps in the Shopify App Store is expanding without end. So what are the game-changing Apps for 2021? We are looking at Apps that make a real difference to your customer service, improve your social media presence all down to what a Countdown Timer can do for you. Most online stores would already have connected their Facebook messenger app to their mobile phones, giving the customers the capability to live chat. Below are the top 10 picks that should be considered if you have an online store or are planning one.

1. Seguno: Email Marketing

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Free up to 250 subscribers.

Seguno offers a simple but effective tool to do your Email Marketing, while also enhancing your user experience with “Welcome” and “Thank You” emails. It also has dynamic recommendations when it comes to “Abandoned carts” and also can generate discount codes. This app delivers more than just Email Marketing for your Shopify Store, giving you the basic tools to engage and interact with your clients.

2. Plugin SEO

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Free SEO Scanning, additional features at $20/mo for the premium version.

This Shopify App has been a top pick with TheGenieLab’s reviews since 2015 and continues to do so given it is effective and delivers an easy way to drive an impact to your store. It has an Email Alert system on SEO issues and helps your store improve its organic traffic.

3. Oberlo: Search for Trending Dropship products

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Free for a new Shopify store, as your store matures a premium plan at $29.90/mo will deliver additional premium features.

There is nothing more frustrating for customers to have searched and not finding the products that they are looking for. Oberlo will find trending products for you to dropship with global suppliers, and track all the orders at your fingertips.

4. Smile: Loyalty and Rewards

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Free version, has a premium plan.

This Shopify App holds down the customer experience with their loyalty points and rewards the returning customers with their purchases. You can design your own schemes and have VIP based schemes for increased sales. You can then evaluate the effectiveness of your programs via Smile Analytics. Customer loyalty is key to grow your brand, and building your marketing – this Shopify App definitely delivers.

5. Kit: AI for Facebook Ads

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Free Shopify App

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is aimed at Facebook in order to target traffic for your store. Additionally, it a Facebook and Instagram advertising channel delivering them through the Messenger interface. It is a massive time saver in driving successful Ad campaigns while your focus is on running the business.

6. Genie Store Locator Map: Store Finder Map with directions

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: 14-day Free Trial, $9.50/mo.

For retailers that have various locations listed, where a curbside pickup can be arranged, this Shopify App communicates both visually with directions and assists customers find the easiest way to get their goods. Bridge the gap between your online presence and your brick and mortar locations in providing a great experience for your customers.

7. Push Owl: Abandoned Carts recovery via Web Push Notifications

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: 500 free impressions, monthly plans start at $19/mo

Maximize your marketing with custom reminders for abandoned carts, back-in-stock notifications, and review notifications when products are shipped. The Shopify App encourages customers to return to your store while enhancing the experience.

8. Form Builder: Custom Form builder, Feedback, Easy Payment, Donation

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Basic Free plan, $10/mo for the Pro Plan.

Quick and easy installation to build your forms without any coding skills required. Great for customer surveys, support inquiries, affiliate applications – whatever your business may require.

9. Printful: On-demand drop ship and warehousing of printing services

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: Free App, costs associated with orders.

Apply graphics and art to T-shirts, mugs, posters, and various other products without having to inventory any of them. Just list them in your store, and on-demand have them produce and deliver to your customers. You can have unique designs that make your brand and store stand out.

10. Return Magic: Product returns made easy

Shopify App Store link:

Cost: 30-day Free Trial, $10.00/mo.

With eCommerce averaging up to 30% handling the return process takes an easier turn with Return Magic. You can automate gift card refunds, offer exchanges, cash refunds, original payment method refunds and automate the generation and return label printing. A portal is made available for the process to be engaged with, putting you in the driver’s seat on how you want to handle returns by setting up your own rules.

When it comes to selling your products and services, there are thousands of Shopify Apps in the Shopify Store, while these are the top 10 picks for 2021, if your eCommerce store needs a personalized process or Private App, feel free to reach out to us at where we can engage with you on your needs. We have Web App Development, Shopify App Development resources that can provide various solutions that range from various types of social media, connecting to social networks/social media platforms, with social media marketing to reach custom audiences.

We also do credit card apps for gateway integrations, giving you credit scoring information or validating credit card issuers. Live chat software can be custom as well, giving you additional freedom beyond data with text messaging making your own live chat widget. Giving your customers the best customer support, either with a ticketing system, online chat, or your very own app - website visitors will differentiate you and will want to build that relationship. Our apps aim to be user-friendly to assist you with your business requirements and deliver great customer satisfaction.

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