Shoppable Products on Instagram

Shoppable Products on Instagram

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Instagram has over 800 million active app users daily perusing their feeds on mobile devices. This gives retailers a tremendous opportunity to get products in front of buyers looking to make purchases no matter where they are at in the purchase funnel. Instagram and Shopify have now made it easier for shoppers to go down the path to purchase with easy access to product checkouts.

Instagram has become a retail shop’s paradise for providing an opportunity to connect buyers to products through the use of UGC, sharing and visually positioning products across a wide audience.

The price of entry is low as well. A retailer just needs to know the right times to post organic content using the right hashtags and they are off to the conversion races.

Up until October 2017, merchants had to find creative ways to go from posting organic content to bringing the buyer into the shopping cart to purchase. There were some apps that could be added to a Shopify store but even still, there wasn’t product tagging or direct way to go through from product to checkout until Instagram and Shopify teamed up on tagging products directly on the post. Most merchants used language such as “link in bio” directing users to the profile description which would bring them to the generic home page of the store. This was problematic for a number of reasons but mainly from a product to purchase standpoint. Users would then have to search for that specific product on the site from there. Assuming that the feed included specific details about the exact product, users were almost left to abandon the idea especially if they weren’t loyal fans to the brands. In essence, it was not an ideal way to make commerce happen.

There are just a few things to consider as a retailer on the Shopify platform interested in turning Instagram posts into an easy mobile shopping experience through shoppable tagged content. Don’t worry, it is extremely easy and does not require a developer, much like every other channel that Shopify offers such as Facebook, Messenger, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Houzz, eBay, Amazon, and more.

  • Have an approved shop on Shopify in the Facebook channel.

  • Instagram Page must be a Business Profile.

  • Operate in one of the supported countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, or Brazil).

Beyond that, the Shopify catalog automatically syncs with the Instagram Business page and merchants can start tagging products in organic Instagram posts. The Shopify checkout page is just a few short clicks away from the user being able to purchase the product directly from their mobile device.

Products shown in the photos now feature a short description and price that points to the product when merchants tag those products in their posts. Visually, it makes it a lot easier to make impulse purchases now.

Once you click on the tag, it will bring you into a larger view of a product description all served through Shopify’s catalog.

Once a user clicks on Shop Now, they are officially on the Shopify checkout page directly on the merchant’s store.The shopping experience is seamless and easy.

Not on Shopify? It’s easy to set up. Just follow this link to a free 14-Day trial.

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