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Shopify's YouTube Promotional Tips
With 2.6 Billion users on YouTube, the 2nd largest social media company, 1 billion hours of videos watched daily with a growing user base, not engaging with this social media platform might ignore a large audience that would appeal to. Your Shopify Content might be geared toward your SEO, but Shoppable content which has product demonstrations, how-to's, FAQs, and the lifestyle environment of the product in visual content has great appeal. To sell products, hitting all social media enhances the customer experience, so check in your Shopify App Store to promote your Youtube library, and insert your YouTube videos into your Shopify Blogs.

YouTube for Shopify Tips

  1. Set up a YouTube Channel: With a Google Account, when you do, ensure it is under your brand name and set up the channel with the profile details, and company website. When users see your videos, the customer expectations are to enquire further, check your channel to subscribe, as well as get notifications. Do not worry about your personal details since they are viewable by the general public. Your channel needs to be properly illustrated and the information needs to be descriptive of your brand, using keywords that relate to your goods and brand (Layout/Branding/Basic Info).

  2. Selling on Youtube for your Shopify Store: Part of your marketing strategies, selling products online is about sales funnels, and here you have to have a strategy on how your Youtube video will entice the audience to click and visit your store - on a landing page, product page, or home page. The idea here is to aim and relate accordingly between the video and the page - if you feature the products, then aim to land on the product pages. If your video aims to display the brand, then the home page. This should be part of your customer experience strategy, which might include support videos that may link to your FAQs and Support pages. Shopify and Youtube can be a powerful combination when it comes to initiating interest in your Shopify Store.

  3. Equipment: Most have a smartphone that can do the video capture, in either 4K or 1080p video resolutions. However, when it comes to additional accessories, investing in a good tripod, considering lighting and an external microphone can make the experience for the audience much better. Finally, video editing software like Movie Maker for PC, and iMovie for the Mac to finalize your videos before uploading them into your channel.

  4. Online store or Landing page: For a great customer experience, organizing your content to support your video has to be part of your planning. Therefore part of your production is to identify the supporting pages that the video will require as the call-to-action from it.

  5. Creating a posting schedule: When you start posting on your Youtube Channel it is much like a FaceBook feed, regular posts are expected as the audience consumes your content. This will also increase word of mouth to grow your channel subscribers. As you add products to your eCommerce store, you will be compelled to create content marketing and videos about it - synchronize your product launches with your Youtube content, and support pages at a regular interval for the audience to expect to hear from your brand.

  6. Create engaging content: Creating a meaningful connection and being customer-centric rather than sales-like content is the direction the brand should take. Engaging content takes more time to research so as to get comments in the section below the video to which you can respond, and get the customers to see the online store. Shoppable videos should be the start of the purchasing journey as they discover what your brand and products are about regarding their interest.

  7. Identify trends within your niche: Youtube's algorithms pick up on popular content and become suggested videos for the audience. By "vlogging" or covering trending topics and relating them to your brand and products can catch a greater audience. But keep in mind that Youtube has a lot of terms and conditions to not infringe upon content that's copyrighted. The curated list of what's trending is updated every 15 minutes on the platform, so it may be worth a watch to see how your target market is consuming that content.

  8. Check on your competitors: Reviewing the content of your competitors, and how they link their video content to content on their online store is important to learn from. Shopify to YouTube and YouTube to Shopify and how their content strategy works and is it effective. Learning from the competition is 1/2 the work for your own strategy, then scaling up and differentiating is the next step.

  9. Google Trends for YouTube: This is a keyword research tool for you to identify keywords to associate with your video, interest by regions, or over time, these statistics can greatly assist in how your position your video content and bring them back to your Shopify Store.



Youtube eCommerce


YouTube selling potential has two monetization opportunities - Selling your products on your Shopify Store by having an audience coming from YouTube and seeing your products, and becoming a YouTube partner where the ads on the platform can monetize the channel. The requirements for the YouTube partner are as follows:


  1. Require a minimum of 1000 subscribers

  2. Have more than 4K hours of users watching your channel content in the last 12 months

  3. No community guideline strikes on your channel

  4. Being in a geographic location where the YouTube Partner is available

  5. Have a linked Adsense account


This will help promote your channel further in the algorithm as well as it will give advertisers a way to have ads before or during your video which you will earn through your audience watching your videos.





Selling Merchandise through YouTube


You might have seen Printful as a Shopify App where you can easily stick your branding on T-shirts, cups, and other items - YouTube gives you the facility to promote and have you purchase directly branded items as part of your channel. This facility can be lucrative when a video goes viral.





Integrating your Shopify Store


This is a level-up from product links in the video. In this method, you have to be eligible for monetization in the partner program - which is a base requirement as well as having a Shopify Store. The YouTube shopping integration connects both the Shopify Store to the YouTube channel and can sell via the Channel Page and videos.





Streamlining your market strategy


Marketing efficiency is also based on your marketing strategy with other partners and content creators that can assist to elevate your channel. Collaborations with other channel partners on activities, reviews, and competitions add to the engaging content as well as help curate the audience for the customer journey onto products. Partnering with influencers can be helpful, but call-to-actions are the best and most direct way to reach the audience for their journey to begin. It all starts with subscribing and liking your video and should be called out in the video, and if they follow your brand and subscribe, taking them to your products should be a logical next step.





Optimize for SEO


Your YouTube can assist you in ranking and searching when you use the right keywords to promote your brand and products.






Take advantage of transcripts: Subtitles are great, but the algorithm consumes this further to understand the video content presented. When you insert the SRT file, it is accessed by YouTube as keywords are being processed.






Write great video titles and descriptions: A balance between a catchy title without being clickbait, and having keywords that the audience is wanting to search for. Specify for whom the content is for, and have an engaging title for your video.










Shopify's YouTube strategy, you have to be planned and requires a customer experience (CX) strategy. Your videos are customer-facing, and visually represent the look/feel of the brand, and how products are engaged with by existing customers, as well as have an educational element. With your digital marketing strategy contemplating one of the largest social media platforms in the world, it is important to get it right from the start. You can upload various content, categorize your videos, and have them engage with other YouTube collaborators. It is all up to you on how far you can take your channel when it comes to being a Channel Partner. We hope you find this strategy interesting, and if you would like to know more, feel free to enquire at


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