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Shopify Unite 2022 - Developers and Partners connecting

Shopify Unite

Shopify Unite 2022 is going global for a series of 2-day events in various locations worldwide - London United Kingdom (September 12th and 13th, 2022), Toronto Canada (October 12 and 13th, 2022, and Melbourne Australia (October 26th and 27th, 2022). Launching Shopify Editions and a new product showcase to demonstrate our current compliments and share the vision with our customers and partner community. Shopify is looking to connect and engage in discussion on the current features and capabilities and get everyone together for feedback, and ideas, and bring synergy to the greater audience of merchants.

Format of Shopify Unite

Each event will be set up as "sessions" by Shopify for Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners including Shopify Functions which extends the platform for additional functionality as well as Hydrogen/Oxygen which is the framework for headless eCommerce. There are workshops for developing Shopify Apps on the platform with these new capabilities. Online store development which is more than just software development has to consider the architecture of the business features and automation that Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners are bringing to the merchant community. Everything ranging from Web design to Cart Abandonment or ways to enhance Email marketing makes eCommerce businesses more successful than other eCommerce platforms - giving Shopify an edge over other competing platforms. The events will feature some one-on-one technical sessions, fire-side chats, unconference time for brainstorming, and Shopify Expert/Partner topics to discuss. The new features are the next generation of development methodologies and strategies for the community, and Shopify is excited in bringing the expertise to their community.

Global Engagement

For the first time, there will be an opportunity to meet developers around the globe to discuss ideas, the areas of improvement, and the capabilities that web development requires to elevate the Shopify Platform to be more competitive. This is why Shopify is looking forward to the events since they will be more interactive than previous events. Shopify Unite 2022 will allow developers to collaborate and learn from one another so as to sharpen their toolset when developing Shopify Apps for the Shopify App Store. Shopify Unite is a strategic conference for uniting, engaging, and bringing leadership to the Development community.


Shopify Unite is a leadership component in evangelizing the Shopify Platform and all of its capabilities to the Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners community of developers to as to enhance the Shopify Store experience. Having an eCommerce store requires a multitude of capabilities, automation, and most importantly sales aids that is in need by the business managers running their Shopify website. We look forward to the event, and if you would like to discuss a project with a Shopify Expert and Partner, feel free to check in with us at


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