Shopify to Bigcommerce Replatform and Migration

Shopify to Bigcommerce Replatform and Migration

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At TheGenieLab, we have Shopify Experts that are also Bigcommerce Experts, which enables us to do all-inclusive store migrations. Our web developers are proficient in all technical aspects as well as being able to set up your digital marketing and social media channels as you continue to grow your business. There are several categories to prepare and configure outside of web design considerations in the transition.

Replatform from Shopify to Bigcommerce - Considerations

There are several areas where Bigcommerce comes up on top over Shopify. While Shopify is a premium cloud-based system today, cost, variant limitations, app reliance, and a restricted API are advantages in Bigcommerce. If you need API speed, have a lot of variants, and don't want to pay for all those Apps monthly, then it could be worth the trouble to re-platform your online store to Bigcommerce.

What type of information is migrated

Products - More than just an export and import, the verification of the product structures must be respected and converted over to the Bigcommerce store.

Product Attributes - It's all in the details to get the product structure to work for your business. Software developers will audit and can ensure that all your attributes are assigned correctly.

Product Variants - A pretty standard structure, just like attributes accuracy is required.

Product Images - All associated images to be brought over.

Product Reviews - An important feature for products to have associated reviews in product details.

Product Pricing and Bundles - Any product and service associated with products and related pricing.

Customers - Customer data, address, and contact information.

Customer Invoices - Purchase Orders, and various financial data.

Customer Orders - Historical orders, current orders (coordinated during migration), and back-orders.

Customer Group/Types - Tagged customers by group, or associated with a pricing plan (B2B).

Search Engine Optimization - A review of your current SEO site picture is important to capture, and ensure that your digital marketing strategy can scale in the Bigcommerce development environment. Additional assistance in "keyword search"/"keyword research", link building, email marketing, and traditional marketing is available.

Social Media Marketing - Through web applications, or Bigcommerce Apps your social media can be interlinked with your social feeds as part of your online marketing. A review of your social media platform is required to ensure that these connectors are available.

Coupon Codes - Expired codes, active coupons, and association to customers.

Tax Rules - based on country/location, carrier, and shipping rules.

Site Content - Content managed template transfer.

301 Redirects - Ensuring your SEO health is kept current.

Shipping/Carriers - Interconnecting to a 3PL or adding carriers to your shipping partners.

Migration Procedures

The migration process is methodical and will cover all the categories above and more. A review of your current store, its data, and structure is done prior to the migration process begins. A post-migration review and audit are done and when reaching its passing tests, are reviewed with the stakeholder. Considerations with accounting software are also taken to ensure downstream business support is met.

Bigcommerce Development

It is important to note that every online store is built around your business model, B2C, B2B or M2C will have structural differences when it comes to logistics, pricing models, order processing, inventory control, and various aspects to the eCommerce elements of the site. On the positive note, the migration does not require a full stack developer or a multitude of programming languages - just a well-qualified Bigcommerce developer will do just fine. Most of the effort is moving over digital media and retaining its associations and formats, however, it does take some theme development efforts when it comes to how you would like to present your store, brand, and experience. Bigcommerce themes are plentiful and are compatible with WordPress - the options are wide and flexible to achieve your goal.

Bigcommerce Launch Support and Warranty

For most this is a nerve-wracking step but you are not alone in ensuring a successful re-launch of your online store. Through diligence, procedures, and the right tools utilized by experienced Bigcommerce developers you will have the confidence in a smooth switch-over. Ongoing testing to ensure that all is working as it should when going live and any small snags found are prioritized to be resolved quickly without interruption. By being a Bigcommerce Expert we are supported by Bigcommerce and its support structure, where the wealth of knowledge, know-how, and expertise in accomplishing your business model vision is ensured. Your Bigcommerce store will be up and running in no time, and with confidence - saving you on your monthly costs and management time.

Bigcommerce support

There are various types of support that you might require - for ongoing development support with Bigcommerce, we have SLAs (Service Level Agreements) available, so as your needs to tweak the theme, or add a tool we are there for you. When it comes to showing you how to operate within the new platform, the team is available to assist you and show you how to operate within it at every stage of the process of the customer experience, and processing of orders.

Feel free to enquire with us if you are considering a move - there is no obligation, we are happy to help you assess the effort to ensure that your business is in a stronger position at the store level. You can reach us at

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