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Shopify Shipping vs ShippingEasy

In this article, we will compare both services and how they impact your online store. Shipping services are an essential component both financially and logistically. To have good customer service, you have to have a capable shipping service and a cost-effective one. These are the two best Shipping services in the eCommerce industry, and we will highlight each sector on its strengths and weaknesses.

Shopify Shipping - This is an integrated Order fulfillment tool, where you can buy and print your labels and have carriers that offer good rates. This includes UPS, USPS, and DHL (for international). This gives any merchant access to global shipping of their products and owns the customer experience from the United States outward.

ShippingEasy - Cloud-based shipping solution that caters to marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. They offer similar services to Shopify Shipping with label printer capabilities and have carriers to their logistics such as the post office and other international logistics partners.

Main Differences between Shopify Shipping and ShippingEasy

  • Shopify Merchants that are subscribed to a Shopify Plan, Shopify Shipping is offered without restriction and access to those merchants at no cost. With Shopify Plans, you can do a yearly subscription, and save a considerable amount on service fees.
  • Shopify Starter - $5/mo - Social Media sales only
  • Basic $29/mo - 2 Staff accounts
  • Shopify $79/mo - 5 Staff accounts
  • Advanced $299/mo - 15 Staff accounts


  • ShippingEasy - It has 6 plans to choose from, including a free plan.
  • Starter - Free - up to 25 Shipments
  • Basic - $29/mo - up to 500 Shipments
  • Plus - $49/mo - up to 1,500 Shipments
  • Select - $69/mo - up to 3,000 Shipments
  • Premium - $99/mo - up to 6,000 Shipments
  • Enterprise - $159/mo - up to 10,000 Shipments.
  • You get a 30-day free trial, and there are no discounted yearly plans.


Where ShippingEasy has limits on what you are able to ship per month, Shopify Shipping does not need to scale or limit you in using their shipping solution.

Availability Comparison

Shopify Shipping is available to all merchants in the USA/Canada/Australia/UK/France/Italy/Spain and can ship anywhere in the world.

ShippingEasy is only available in the USA - and you are restricted to create an account with them if you are outside the USA.

Shipping Carriers Comparison

Shopify Shipping is partnered with mature shipping companies, and some of these leading logistics companies offer up to 88% discounted rates on the various shipping rates on various carrier classes. This includes 2-day and overnight delivery.

ShippingEasy also has significant discounts with UPS offering up to 86% of daily rates, with USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx as their key logistics partners.

You don't need relationships with the carriers, just your subscription to Shopify Shipping and ShippingEasy will give you access to these services.

Order Fulfillment Comparison

Shopify Shipping offers to create shipping labels within the dashboard right away. Just select the orders you want to fulfill, shipping rates are automatically calculated, and once the labels are printed and placed onto the box, they are ready to be picked up.

ShippingEasy is just as easy, the platform does the shipping labels and you just print them. You can also in the higher plans add your company logo to the label. You also have customized tracking emails for your customers to follow their packages.

Online store support and Integrations

Users can access Shopify Apps and integrations within the Shopify platform since Shopify Shipping is part of the administration dashboard from logistics couriers to dropshipping and digital marketing. The variety spans from a startup business to an enterprise international business when it comes to applications built within the platform, and how to manage the online store to specifically target your audience. Shopify Shipping is driven by this ethos and delivers a simple way for you to extend a sale into a purchase experience.

ShippingEasy is split out, and provides less integrated support than what Shopify offers - while the platform does have less than sixty integrations, the connection of being within the online store itself is not seamless. Logistics and Inventory management are the focus of the integrations, limiting the store owner in the scope of having additional analytics, tools, and correlated information between the store and the shipping function. ShippingEasy does have its marketing support team and, insurance, and does have a significant set of tools to ship the customer's shopping cart. Real-time shipping cost calculations to a zip code can be extrapolated to ensure that at checkout you have a proper evaluation of the cart to checkout with - giving you control over your shipping methods.


Both tools can do a great job for great customer service, it is the Shopify admin that will see greater flexibility and benefit to have more choice in business tools within the platform inside the Shopify Admin. The best way to understand either Shopify Shipping or ShippingEasy is to try the free plans and see which ones can serve you better. From a technical standpoint, Shopify Shipping has an edge with its integrations. Both offer Shipping insurance, as well as international coverage. If the bulk of your customers are in the USA, Shopify Shipping will have better leverage on cost given there are tens of thousands of stores leveraging the cost. If you would like to know more about what's expected and how it is best to configure your store, feel free to reach out to us at

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