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Shopify Shipping Insurance - added Shipping Services
Adding a layer of protection to your business as the burden of having your products delivered to your customer still weighs on your shipping partner and if something happens, the responsibility due to customer satisfaction resides in your hands. This inevitably hits your resources in having to resolve the issue. With Porch Pirates on the rise, and the authorities not so interested in finding and prosecuting the crime of theft, business owners are seeing the issue grow without any firm action by the authorities on cracking down on the growing problem. Shopify Shipping insurance might be the best way to address the issue and protect your profitability.

The Shipping Issue

In the United States, 1/10 of the packages arrive damaged, and 1/3 have had a package stolen - these are very high statistics. While eCommerce is growing at an incredibly fast pace, the exposure has grown with the movement. If the claim process is lodged with the carrier, then the long interval between the claim and resolution can make it very frustrating for the end customer, affecting the brand. Over 40% of shoppers are unlikely to shop again with the brand due to a bad experience due to shipping issues.

The Shopify Insurance

With up to $200 of value, Shopify Shipping covers many aspects of the logistics department, including helping you with your label printer, identifying the cost via the zip code, and offers deals with the Post Office (USPS), DHL Shipping - this will give a better experience for your customers and provide good customer service. In partnership with Shipsurance, the Insurance is available to Shopify Advanced, and Shopify Plus plans. This covers USA Origin to domestic and international shipments. For other Shopify Plans, you can buy insurance at a competitive rate.

Benefits of the Shopify Shipping Insurance

  • Ship and deliver without stress, covered for damage, loss, and theft.
  • Save time and money on replacing the item for the customer. You can recoup the value of the merchandise and the shipping cost - you file the claim through the Shopify Admin.
  • Provide a better purchase experience for your customers, starting from the shopping cart being messaged that they will be insured, and throughout the checkout experience - giving the customer peace of mind. This will help conversions and give the customer confidence that if anything happens, it will be dealt with quickly.
  • Improve repeat sales through higher trust and loyalty by showing high reliability in completing the full sales cycle no matter what may happen in the delivery process.

Vendor qualification for the Shopify Shipping Insurance

  • Your business is on Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus plan
  • Shipping must originate from the United States
  • The Label must be purchased through Shopify Shipping
  • Shopify Payments must be activated
  • The label must have a tracking number present
  • The products must comply with Shipsurance terms of service
  • You can buy additional insurance to cover between $200 to $5000USD and additional insurance advice, feel free to enquire with the Shopify Help Center.


With the customer service experience expectations to be high, your Shopify store has a way to bridge the expectation of a reliable delivery no matter the Shipping Carrier. While Shopify Shipping provides the whole service for your shipping methods, printing shipping labels with the tracking number gives you reach to Shopify Shipping Insurance, especially if your average basket is in the hundreds. If you need assistance or advice on how to set this channel, feel free to reach out to us at

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