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Logistics can be a real challenge for some online store owners, and it isn't just pick-pack-and-ship, but it has to do with carriers, what regions are covered by which shipper to be cost-optimized and still deliver the right customer experience. The key advantage with Shopify Shipping is that you can save up to 88% on industry-leading discounts on UPS, DHL, and USPS Shipping. What are the other benefits?

Order fulfillment

While there are sourcing challenges, supply chain disruptions, and the overall managing of the operations, the shipping process can be impacted by pushing the items out to ensure a good customer experience. Shopify Shipping is looking to fulfill the order faster, and with their inventory control associated with your online store, it makes sense to consider this option.

Rapid engagement

You could be starting your business out of a garage, or have a warehouse where you operate. Shopify Shipping is turned on by a switch and it is extremely easy to set up. All the carrier and cost maths is no longer necessary - Shopify does this for you. The rates show up at the checkout, Shopify lets you then print the shipping labels from your home office and you are good to go.

Logistics made simple

When looking at packaging your goods which is under your control on how the out-of-box experience is enjoyed by your customers, the creation of the USPS Scan Forms and arranging the pickup of your customer's goods is at a click of a button. You can then provide your customer shipment tracking with all the carriers involved - this gives customers the ease of checking their goods, no matter the zip code it is going to. Customer Service is a key component covering the shipping of the goods, this makes it simple for the department to know the status of the goods arrival. Best of all - it is one invoice covering all the carriers - making it simple to do your finances.

Giving legs to your business

Having competitive shipping rates in the shopping cart, your conversion will increase, and grow your eCommerce business. Expanding from domestic to international regions, DHL shipping will cover these new locations as well as the built-in customs forms that are required for declarations for duties and excise. While expanding, there might be a need to add additional insurance on some of your products when you are setting up your shipping labels - the ability to do this is all there.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Customers require to establish trust with the online vendor and when it comes to their delivery, shipping options, including priority mail express if it is needed quickly, DHL Express, and checking with Live Chat to make sure special attention to their order is being placed to confirm delivery is important. Either your business model tries to stand out with improved customer service via a strong logistics operation, having a wide variety of credit cards for payment methods, or just a well-tuned eCommerce website - your business plan needs to reduce operational frictions to be lean and cost-effective. Shipping services are integral to eCommerce and while most mail services will do the job at your local post office location, it does not optimize your shipping costs and has tracked labels at every shipment.


If the Shopify Shipping offer is of interest and you have been struggling with your current shipping logistics, and need an overview, we are here to help - just reach out to us at and we are happy to help clarify how it all works. We believe it is a great option/offering from Shopify for merchants to quickly get competitive on the shipping front.

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