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Shopify touts that their toolset is tuned to help start-ups and small businesses to get online. So what are these tools, and how do they assist the business to ramp up sales online? While we know the plans aimed at giving you additional features through their pricing plans, there is little discussion out there when it comes to getting your voice out when you just start out with an online store. Below is a list of these tools, and we'll discuss how they assist a small business.

Create your logo

Identity is at the core of the business, and when you sell online, identity is key to all things from customer experience, gift cards, customer service, packaging, and down to the business card. Your logo colors propagate throughout the theme of your store. Therefore having a good logo requires a place to get started and take time to apply yourself with Shopify's logo creator called Hatchful.

Business Name generator

For start-ups finding the right name, being unique and descriptive is important. Sure, you can Google names, check social media, but having a tool dedicated to searching and proposing names is even more useful. The search queries will give suggestions that will widen the spectrum that you select from.

The Slogan maker

Once the business name is solidified, a slogan that expands on your brand and message is the next step. Most businesses have one, some are memorable like a jingle. You can always use a few keywords from your SEO expert that has researched your industry, that SEO work will come in handy when doing the content architecture of your website. Try this neat slogan maker below.

The Domain Name generator

To complement your identity, your website has to have a good domain name, memorable if possible. to check and book that domain, Shopify has a domain checker for you to check, get suggestions, and even book. All the various extensions are offered, .com, .net, .org and the likes, the suggestions are variations of what you entered. Pricing is listed next to the results - so it is easy to make a choice and grab the name you want.

Business Card maker

Now that you have your identity all worked out - here is a neat Business Card Maker from Shopify to make it all official. When customer-facing experiences come about - you have your brand in physical form and not just part of the online marketplaces.

Who is - that competitor

If the domain name that you wanted is in use, you might be curious about who is using it - for that, Shopify has a "Who Is" tool for you to look them up - understand what they offer, what industry they operate in, and that gives you a better idea of how to differentiate yourself from them.

Video Content creation

Now that the name, brand, and messaging are formulating and firming up, you might have imagined a video to stand out on your home page depicting your product and service, the lifestyle of the brand, and the image of your store. While search engine optimization is not in play when it comes to video, the impact of the first impression arriving at the store is important. Having a positive customer experience from the moment you arrive that inspires you to look further down the page and navigate the site is what's needed. For this purpose, check out Shopify's video maker below.

Shipping Labels

While it may sound obvious that goods will be shipped, the use of a template is needed to format the label in a way that all the information is clearly displayed and laid out. You receive this via your Email as a PDF to which you can then apply this label to your parcels.

Pay-stub generator

Why would you need to burden yourself with complicated software to start off with - when in fact, all you need is to generate a Pay-stub for your employees. If you have staff fulfilling orders, or just having a personal assistant, generating a Pay-stub for the period of work makes your efforts easier on accounting and gives that employee the tools to report their taxes.

QR Codes generator

Using 2-dimensional QR Code labeling which adds to your marketing, brand, sales, and gets you listed in various QR listings - your Business Name, domain, address, phone number correlate to Email marketing, coupon codes, reviews.

Terms and Conditions generator

Yes, the good legalese that no one really wants to put on their site, but all have to do it. Here Shopify for sure alleviates the pain and has a tool that will generate a solid blank set of terms and transform it specifically to your business.

Privacy Policy generator

The other document that's from the legal side, is the Privacy Policy - not that it impacts customer satisfaction or good customer service - yet it is an expected and yet necessary disclosure of your business to the audience.

Refund Policy generator

One last legal document to get through, this is a tough one since your policy will affect the great customer experience vs. your bottom line - however, having the policy and standing behind your brand is a must.

Gift Certificates template

Back on the more important front, your marketing tools such as gift certificates can be generated quickly with this generator. Why not offer a great customer service experience if a product fails in the field and avoid a return to your depot. This customer-centric tool will get you some positive reviews or comments on social networks.

Invoice generator

If you are avoiding the Pay-stubs to be generated from the likes of Quickbooks, then invoicing may fall in the same category of some manual generation of invoices. At least your accountant will thank you for it.

Purchase Order generator

In line with the Pay-stub and Invoice - Purchase orders are in the same category.

Bill of Landing form

When shipping Internationally, Customs and Excise departments review your goods upon entry of the destination country. This form assists these departments to review the goods to be processed.

Barcode generator

In order to aid your inventory management, barcodes are integral when it comes to logistics. To track and organize your products, put names above the barcode and receive this barcode in an email.

Image Resizer tool

In order to fill out your theme, use images that require resizing to fit the theme in various mobile responsive layouts.


There are additional tools available on many aspects of eCommerce ranging from which credit cards to process, how to present your shopping cart to reflect discounts or calculate your transaction fees. Shopify Apps can provide additional tools for your store, such as an SEO checker tool which can check your on-page SEO, Meta tags, Meta Descriptions where it supports your SEO strategy - aligning your online store for search engine work.

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