Shopify Plus Call to Action themes

Shopify Plus Call to Action themes

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With Shopify Plus you get the best of what Shopify can offer - that includes page load speeds. When combining a Call-to-Action Theme, which typically is long and carries more content (Video/Animation) which can affect page load - reaching the right balance of enticement, your online store can be very effective in its call-to-action engagement. Your home page being by default your Shopify Store's landing page - your value proposition and differentiation has to be communicated easily, yet, you need them to move onto a point of interest - a product, a service, a subscription - an action word to direct them to take action.

Call-to-Action themes

There are different styles of themes, and one of these styles is a Call-to-action, and they are quite effective on sites that have strong marketing, a good value proposition for an enticing product, and discount codes (for Promotion) they funnel the customer to the checkout with a product in the basket. Some merchants use several Shopify Apps to add sales features to get customers excited or directed to explore further. When you have products that are popular and sell themselves - a Call-to-Action theme is best suited since the customer has a high intent to purchase as they land on the home page, and the "buttons" on the page direct them to be funneled through. The Shopify Theme allows you to layout the product, value, and differentiation on the home page. It is the "buttons" that make the call-to-action have that engagement - and "Buy Now" is not the only engagement.

Call-to-Action "buttons"

While "Buy Now" is a desired outcome and action for a customer should be taking, there are different levels of interest that buyers would engage in. "Register now" gives the user the ability to register their email address to receive news, announcements, and promotional codes to engage at a later date. This is a very important part of your digital marketing since re-marketing and customer loyalty are tied to your messaging. "Learn More" is also often used for linking an online store visitor to the product page, FAQs page, Help Page, and tutorials. These "Action Words" are the concluding action from the Content Marketing written in that section - how you word your content is critical to work with your call-to-action theme and "Action Words".

Writing for a Call-to-action section

Keep in mind that all content is used for search engines to capture your keywords - less is not more in that instance. When selling products, you always get tempted to tell everyone everything about them. However, when it comes out, it can appear that it was too much to tell. Given a call-to-action theme has several tiles to work with, a carousel sometimes too, short impactful sentences that point to a need, or solves a problem with imagery/video to support it illustrates the product, where does it position to what you might have, and how different and better it is from competitive solutions available. This is told in all 3 or so tiles, telling a story of why you would want this product and each tile will have a call-to-action "button" to illustrate further or take the customer to buy the product. Given the various "buttons" to satisfy different users with different questions and fulfilling their interest beyond the home page, following the customer journey through each action must take them to the checkout eventually. With various pathways to take, these action verbs are crucial like a signal post to help them navigate.

Using a Call-to-action theme

Whether you are going to start an online store with a simple Shopify Plan, or have a stellar web design to be implemented into a Shopify Plus account, a website design is critical for the UI/UX of users to feel the brand, getting them comfortable with the imagery, font, color, and ensuring they know where they are, and reminding them why they are on your site. Engagement is the action you want to invoke and ultimately, their credit card to be used for the selection chosen. There varying styles of call-to-action themes which may suit better product types, brand types, or product categories - looking through which one might suit best for your eCommerce store is important. Some top Shopify stores have impressive graphics, videos, and even Augmented Reality (AR) to show their products. But behind the scenes, the call to action language is what gets the customer to move optimistically from the Home page to the next area of engagement.

Marketing Funnel and your Call-to-Action theme

The marketing funnel is usually broken down into 3 parts - Top of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel, and Bottom of the Funnel. Your Home page is at the top of the Funnel and at the Bottom of the Funnel is your shopping cart. The Home page being at the top of the funnel is the awareness, information, marketing, and educational space of the funnel, and the goal is for users to get to the next step into the Middle of the Funnel where some choices get to be made - this is the likes of the product page, where options and accessories might be decided on. At that stage adding the items to the basket is the call-to-action to then take you to the checkout/basket area. While it may be obvious how this process works, a call-to-action theme is created with a more sophisticated Top of the Funnel, giving users additional interactions at the Home page via AR, Modal Windows, and video so they can make their journey down to the Middle of the Funnel space.


With the speed of Shopify Plus, your methods at the Top of the Funnel (The Home Page) give you more power to illustrate and communicate to the audience, allowing for various ways to entice/engage the audience to the next page for further inquiry and decision making and eventually bring them to the payment gateway. While regular Shopify store plans are still quite effective, page load speed can be a factor when it comes to this type of theme, so careful optimization must take place. A successful Shopify store is one that considers all aspects of its audience, reaching into social media for user-generated content to its tools from the Shopify App Store.

Examples of Shopify Plus Call-to-Action engaging content, presentation, and application:

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