Shopify Email - Strategy for building an Email list

Shopify Email - Strategy for building an Email list

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Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, and it is one of the most cost-effective. Landing page Email marketing usually gets over 6% on conversions in comparison to the usual 2.5% to 3% normal eCommerce conversion rates. This method is also cost-effective given that a business can earn on average $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Email address outlook

For the first visit of an interested visitor, asking them to leave their Email address to receive promotional discounts (coupon codes) for items they would be interested in is much easier than asking them to purchase outright. If you are a small business starting out, your marketing strategy is to gather an audience to market to. If you already have an Email listing from interested visitors, growing your subscription list, and segmenting them might be the next steps.

Approach on building your Email list

There are three recognized priorities to going about building your email list. However, keep in mind that your target market is right behind this - so identifying your market is even more crucial in taking this approach. Your target market can be identified via advertisement, SEO, or other digital marketing means, your Shopify store is just taking down the Emails from subscribers.

Quality: Acquiring genuine Email addresses makes the best email list. Purchased email lists will not reflect your target audience in most cases, and will include bots, spam accounts, and abandoned email addresses.

Relevance: Genuine email addresses are built by interest in your products or service and are genuinely interested in acquiring or hearing from your business on promotional deals. If it is the wrong audience from an Email list that was purchased, genuine people will unsubscribe quickly or mark it as spam.

Quantity: With the first two steps taken into account, the focus is on growing your email list by expanding your reach in various digital marketing means to gather them on your site. This may include forums, social media groups, and other means to reach your target audience to subscribe to your Shopify store.

Making it easy to build your email list

Adding tools via the Shopify App store, and utilizing marketing tactics to capture the visitors' email addresses is important to plan out, and be reflected in your business plan. Most small business owners will require to spend time researching the sources of the target audience, and how they will be reached. Keep in mind, that your email marketing campaigns will circle back to the target audience and can entice more to join, so looking into how to achieve a more viral subscription with "first-time purchase discounts" or subscriber coupon codes can all be part of your enticement.

  1. Pop-up Email subscription: Adding one to your store does not take much to have it available - there are many options in the Shopify App store to choose from. Different styles and features with controls to create your list.

  2. Add an opt-in form in your site navigation menu, or footer menu - this way users don't have to wait for the pop-up. Placing it in an obvious place where FAQs or customer support areas make sense.

  3. Adding the value of signing up: It should be made obvious and easy to understand that when subscribing, you will get news via blog posts and promotional content (with promo codes).

  4. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, face-to-face email address capturing has the best results in engagement. Additionally, incentives such as entering into a raffle, or receiving their first buyers' coupon code can be the way in submitting their interest via their email address.

  5. Segmenting your email capture so you can better tailor your promotional marketing to have a better engagement based on location or activity.

  6. Add a sign-up button on social media is a great way to have audiences take the step to add their email address - outside of following your channel and Liking your page. Adding a call to action button on Facebook might be the easiest method whereas other platforms might require additional methods to have that capability.

  7. Personalized landing pages: If you are using advertising such as Facebook Ads and you are targeting your audience via user profiles, having an appropriate landing page with the right look, feel, and value proposition to get their email address registered should be considered. Personal CTAs have shown to have up to a 42% increase in submissions than general CTAs.

  8. Add a newsletter sign-up at the Checkout and confirmation page. Given the customer have had the experience in purchasing, keeping them in touch with your brand and news might make them repeat customers.

Accelerating your subscriptions

  1. Use live chat software to have your audience interact with you and get them to sign up for future announcements.

  2. Leverage 3rd party email list growth tools such as Klavyo and the likes, many of them can be found in your Shopify App store.

  3. Use Ad campaigns to get your Email sign-ups. Combined with promotional content adds the enticement to get their email address.

  4. Adding valuable content as an output to your email subscribers and communicating this to them upon sign-up will not only show activity, engagement, and knowledge sharing but also give your subscribers a better understanding of your culture, the impact you have on the market and value you put into the product and service.

  5. Using Shopify Email as your main email template, and the use of their email campaign tools will send and track within your Shopify admin area. You get 10K emails per month, and reasonable pricing beyond that limit.


When considering a digital marketing campaign, email marketing is an essential tool. With the right approach to targeting, advertising, and capturing your audience's emails, you can build a very engaging email list. With the use of your Shopify Email, you can then take the opportunity to grow your subscribers, promote your products, strengthen your brand and feedback the customer experiences through social media, blog posts, and reviews. You can automate emails to be sent out per your promotional schedules. We hope that this article helps obtain the focus on growing your customer base and driving your email marketing to great success. Please feel free to contact us at

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