Shopify and Facebook Partnership - Facebook Shops

Shopify and Facebook Partnership - Facebook Shops

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On May 19, 2020, Shopify put out Product News that the two companies are looking to launch Facebook Shops. Is this a new channel? A hybrid? What’s expected to join this new landscape and join this new marketing tool?

Facebook Shops

Just like a webpage that uses a theme to display your storefront, given that Facebook has its own layout for different devices, it will mean that a theme will have to be enhanced to fit Facebook’s layout to offer your store a new storefront integrated into Facebook. It will be like adding a new channel, as everything will be managed within Shopify on fulfillment, inventory, orders, and products. Transactions will take place within Shopify, but Shopify is offering Instagram Checkout on a selected basis as this is a new feature.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook advertising tools being able to profile users and target customers with great precision, a store within Facebook will provide a seamless experience. Today, Facebook/Shopify’s API can interconnect the two systems, so we can expect greater integration of intelligence/reporting of marketing efficiency using the tools of both architectures. Part of the Shopify announcement states that they are launching a “unified Facebook channel” within the Shopify Merchant account – which will make it easier to connect their Facebook account to their merchant account in Shopify. This is available today, with increased functionality planned in the future.

What should a Shopify Merchant do to engage?

Facebook Shops will become available within the next quarter for all businesses on Facebook and Instagram. A Merchant can expect to engage with their developers on the imagery/layout/marketing. Product sync is automatic, so it is easy to setup.

Can you have a Facebook Shops without a Merchant Store in Shopify?

Yes, you can, however, all the facilities that are already set up in Shopify – Products, Merchant Account for transactions, Marketing. However, if you are looking to just have a Facebook Shop as a stand-alone – the below video might help.


Given there is no additional cost other than setting up your Facebook Shop channel, your ability to have presence and marketing tools to promote is going to make a big impact in visits since most users will remain on Facebook without having to leave their app to shop on a Website.One less jump, and it is more integrated. With that being said, there will be a rush by many onto the platform to set up this additional capability so expect some a surge in support, and given it’s a new release, some delays in approvals (merchant account on Facebook) if applicable.

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