Next step in logistics – getting Sorted

Next step in logistics – getting Sorted

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Founder and CEO David Grimes started back in 2009 on an obsession with Tech and Logistics. Today, his company Sorted has celebrated its £1Billion in the delivery value of goods. What’s going on with this award-winning business and how does it plug into the eCommerce world? Established in Manchester, the UK the milestone was reached by hitting over 200% growth for the last 12 months.

Winning company culture

Just by looking at their recruiting, one can clearly see that this team knows how to have fun all the while being passionate about their work. Operating in 12 countries, the team’s focus is on customer experience, personalized delivery solutions and driving simplicity of the process. The solutions give the retailers that have taken Sorted on board a competitive advantage in commercial/customer service benefits over their previous logistics solutions.

A Scalable solution

It was reported that during Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales in 2019, there is a 66% increase in weekly traffic through the system, with no impact on service and client deliveries. The SaaS platform is based on 3 offerings, SortedHERO (API Solution), SortedPRO (DC Delivery Management), SortedREACT (Customer Care team solution). With a full Carrier Suite which covers all the global carriers, its options to optimize logistics by a least-cost routed solution to the end client achieves today’s expectations in customer experience.

Get ready to hear more about them

It’s a matter of time, like Shopify, that this SaaS solution becomes widespread as the next wave of re-inventing the playing field in logistics gets to everyone’s eCommerce shores. If you are curious, is the place to see that wave coming.

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