If you can’t BOPIS then Deliveroo your goods

If you can’t BOPIS then Deliveroo your goods

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With the COVID-19 lockdown rules, some stores have been able to still do business by Buy Online Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) or alternatively Buy Online Pick-up In Locker (BOPIL) – however, the new alternative for some retailers is partnering up with Deliveroo.

Delivery by Deliveroo

Many grocery stores have engaged in delivery services, but what about the smaller but yet critical in-demand items store offered products. Holland and Barrett is such an example where Vitamins, health products, baking ingredients, soya meat alternatives, are now available through Deliveroo. Grocery stores that didn’t have a delivery service such as Morrisons, where they have partnered up with Deliveroo to deliver 70-essential household items in under 30 minutes.

Deliveroo as a service

This service has been known for delivering form Restaurants and takeaways to your door – but with the lockdown and a lot of Restaurants being shut, the shift in demand has now expanded into new spaces where goods that are traditional brick and mortar centric are synergistically coming together with a delivery service that is mature and does “local” deliveries.

Why Deliveroo vs. Shipping

If you need your items in 30 minutes, then shipping which will take at least a day if not 2-3 days locally (2nd class) then Deliveroo is the way to go. That’s a big difference in shipping time, and for those that need their ingredients today, this new service is a key differentiator.

How about in the USA?

Deliveroo is based in the UK and is rapidly expanding where it raised $100Million to expand internationally in 2015. San Francisco-based Postmates have a similar service and work with the likes of Walgreens. Food delivery services in major metro cities in the USA have many local services that can be accessed. Deliveroo operates in 12 countries, and over 84 cities around the world.

It’s more than just “delivery”

Deliveroo has endeavored into technology that helps its riders to optimize their routes using predictive algorithm technology called “Frank” – assisting both the clients, the riders, and the business in getting their deliveries out. It is a win-win-win for all involved and drives efficiency in the core of the business.


If your business needs to get your goods out, and the traditional eCommerce postage service is not enough, a business will find new ways to access and reach their clients with a service that will meet expectations. With the economies opening back up slowly, pushing for alternate online services make sense especially with the government trying to avoid the 2nd wave of COVID-19 by prolonging the lockdowns.

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