How to Blog Brilliantly: The 5 Things Every eCommerce Blog Needs

How to Blog Brilliantly: The 5 Things Every eCommerce Blog Needs

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So you’ve heard how important it is to have a blog on your website. Positioning your brand as an authority in your field and reaching new customers in a way that suits them, an onsite blog is an absolutely essential part of online marketing in 2013 and beyond.

But what does your website’s blog need? How do you turn a rudimentary blog into something more valuable? Here are the five things no blog can do without:

A good title

Blogs live and die by their titles. Unfortunately, you can put in all the hours you want on some exciting, interactive and well-researched content but if it doesn’t have a good title it won’t get half the clicks you deserve. Make sure your piece’s moniker really surmises all that you’re trying to achieve and pulls the reader in, appealing to their interests and issues. You’ve done the hard work – now sell your blog!

Struggling to think of a great title? Brainstorm 10 or even 20 different title ideas for your blog and then pick the best one – you’ll be surprised at the quality you’ll dig up by thinking outside the box.

Images, and plenty of them

Did you know that 65% of people learn visually? You can put the most interesting content onto your blog, but it won’t reach the amount of people it should if it doesn’t have an aesthetic quality. Your content needs to look good as well as be good.

If you’re still undecided on whether it’s worth sourcing some relevant images online, or generating your own visual content, know this: 41% of visitors on an eCommerce site are more likely to read on if your blog has pictures.

You see that dog, up there? Engaged you in the piece, didn’t it?*

*With all that said, your images need to be relevant. You don’t want to confuse your reader. We included the dog to make a point. And because we like dogs.

No-one likes clutter

That said, you don’t want to confuse your reader with too much information. Website designers must resist the temptation to place adverts, buttons, badges and awards all over the page. All you need is a sleek sidebar and some cracking content – anything else will alienate your reader.

Easy navigation

Hopefully, you’ll have a lot of interesting content on your blog. So you need to make it as easy as possible for your readers to find all the articles you’ve written. And remember, people respond in different ways, so you need to give them different methods of locating your content. Use an internal search box, category links, archives and related posts to ensure that you’re servicing a variety of needs.

A call to action

If you don’t have a call to action at the end of a blog article then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. A good content strategy will use blogs near the start of the ‘customer journey’: the process which hopefully ends in them purchasing from your business.

As a result, at the end of a blog you need to direct your readers to their next port of call. Whether that’s another blog that will help them to learn more about your industry in more detail, a landing page in order to sell them a particular service or a simple phone number to speak to a real human, the choice is yours. But you need to direct them somewhere. Otherwise, they’ll just go back to Buzzfeed or wherever.

Ready for our call to action? Here we go:

Looking for a blog that’s easy to use behind the scenes and looks good to everyone else? Talk to us about how we can build you a brilliant, beautiful blog that pulls customers in. Give us a call today on 01633 415 364.

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