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How Google Ads and Listings can future proof your business

In the past, spending time on the internet was considered work, recreational, and social, however, nowadays eCommerce has crept into the mix. While you do the former activities, 65% of the time, shopping turns into an attractive distraction. A survey captured that over a 2-day period, consumers look at 7+ key categories ranging from specialty to industrial. This means that online businesses have a huge opportunity to engage with clients 24/7 as their audience at various stages of the purchase cycle will keep returning to take steps to purchase their goods. The bridge to get your target audience to your store is on your search keywords, being found on search engines where google search can display your Ads or show your links as part of organic search.

Brick-and-mortar vs. online shopping is merging

Just looking at Google Lens, the image recognition capabilities have added a whole new way of shopping. Google Lens allows you to use images to match patterns and search for an item either a similar one or an exact match. So if you see it, you can find it. For shoppers, this is a powerful tool to compare prices, accessorize, and find their items. This, however, adds yet one more layer of complexity to your store your descriptions for your items now have to include matching illustrations. However, these capabilities are forcing brick-and-mortar shops to have their goods online to compete and drive sales online as well as in-store. Popular search engines will crawl your store and index your pages and content - however, with the right keyword strategy, you will have greater resonance between your SEO and Google ads. People may not get the chance to use Google Lens, since you have to visually spot what you are looking for, and being descriptive assumes the need for function vs. knowing the solution. Search results draw on paid advertising such as Google Adwords, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) via structured content and aligned keywords.

What are shoppers looking out for?

Greater convenience and ease of accomplishing the task have been drivers of many online tools, considering greater security and having the ability to visit a physical store if need be - for returns, exchanges, or dealing with warranty or service issued. Take the Apple Store, their Genius Bar service for example can easily schedule an appointment as well as get a replacement part, or new product, the full experience online is merging with the physical world and is no longer one or the other.

How Google drives your business

With the additional tools of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Adwords, and your SEO strategy you begin to have a full suite of tools for improving and growing your marketing while targeting your audience with greater precision. Google Adwords seek to deliver conversions via a cost per click which rewards Google for finding a client and having them engage with your business. Sure, there are other ways to advertise such as social media, or even banners in an online forum. However, when you are out and about, you look for what you need on the go with your smartphone. You are a google search away from anything you need - information to ordering a product.

Ads that perform

Google Adwords

Free listing is a great place to start, but that requires a keyword planner to ensure consistency with the industry terminology as well as your market segment. Free listings via SEO and ensuring you are listed in Google Shopping correctly are vital to take advantage of. This does require some structuring and planning of your content, value proposition, and imagery. Synchronizing your keywords ensures that your target audience is being aimed at by both SEO and Google Ads, giving you a stronger voice for your advertising campaign.


Advertising has many facets, and customers now spend a tremendous time online, especially on their smartphones. It is logical to assume that a digital advertising campaign can do a lot more today than it used to a decade ago. The tools, the devices, the software capabilities with AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the ability to go after your target market in a surgical way have added tremendous value for store owners. If you got your basics covered on your search keywords, that's half the battle right there - just check out Google Trends to see how your keywords trend over time. understanding your audience's search queries is important to ensure alignment in how they search, and how you can be found. Sure, it is a lot of tools, but each complements the other. If you have any questions or would like a hand with your Google Ads, feel free to reach out to us at

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