TheGenieLab celebrates the Cardiff office opening.

TheGenieLab celebrates the Cardiff office opening.

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Ecommerce specialist web development firm TheGenieLab Ltd is moving into new offices in Cardiff on the 16th March. It has been an exciting twelve months for the company, which has seen it expand to the US with an office in Miami as well as taking on new CEO and shareholder, Fredy Dellis, a former President International of Hertz and Burger King. The move to larger office space in Cardiff will ensure that the business can continue to grow by being close to a supply of software graduates from Cardiff’s universities. 2015 will see the company focus on developing a product-based business to complement its existing service-based offerings. The new office space also offers generous room to expand.

Founded in University of South Wales student bedrooms the company has gone from strength to strength and secured the backing of renowned Welsh entrepreneur Alfred Gooding OBE LLB in 2011. Fredy Dellis joined the team in 2014 as an additional shareholder alongside founding director Daniel Lewis.

Fredy and Alfred bring a wealth of business experience to the company, and in their respective roles have guided the company forward and mentored key members of the team to help them develop their skills, strategic outlook and business management. The synergy between the young business and their experience results in a dynamic and confident business with excellent access to prior knowledge to inform decision making. As the CEO, Fredy Dellis is bringing to the team his extensive experience in senior management which included senior directorship roles at Hertz, Burger King, Europcar and ResidenSea, as well as his knowledge of international business.

Chairman Alfred Gooding:

“Lending my experience of industry to this technology startup has been a great pleasure. 2015 will be another successful year as we continue to expand our service operations in Cardiff and Miami and begin to develop our own products.”

Fredy Dellis:

“It is an exciting challenge to lead the international expansion of this young and successful Welsh tech company and bring my experience to the team to help drive the business on to the next level.”

Undoubtedly, having the input of two highly experienced business people has had impacts across the business.

Daniel Lewis:

“We were always inspired by the technology startup dream, and it is incredibly exciting that the company’s journey continues. We have a great team and exciting clients, and we’ve been lucky to have excellent support along the way. Personally I have developed a great deal by learning from Fredy and Alfred who have mentored me in business and helped the company grow.”

Currently employing fifteen people, the team continues to grow. Services including creating and launching ecommerce stores as well as technical work creating API (application program interface) connectors that allow multiple software platforms to be linked. This work has a wide range of applications from offering new or richer features to end users, to simplifying back-office processes and avoiding duplication. The team’s expertise has been called upon by clients ranging from startups to established multi-national enterprises and have included the Welsh Assembly, International Baccalaureate, AkzoNobel, Brightpearl, Trustev and LighterLife.

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