Shopify Experts and Digital Marketing

Shopify Experts and Digital Marketing

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While most use Shopify Apps and some level of SEO and Social Marketing, there are many that may require assistance with their Digital Marketing. Google Analytics and the Google Search Engine Console are tools that measure your online presence and trend, however, are you getting and reaching the desired audience?

Web Developers focus on the website design aspects and the functionality of the site, it takes the additional SEO/Social Media digital marketing skillset that some of the Shopify Experts have in their teams. Their marketing team is focused on the various social media platforms to bring your brand to your audience with organic content all the way to digital advertising. The skills of using Shopify's SEO tools, enhancing your content marketing from your home page to your product pages requires a careful strategy of your content marketing strategy covering what your target audience will search for and how it ties back to your product descriptions, page titles, title tags, alt text and if they are in line with your marketing campaigns on your social networks.

Organic SEO for your Digital Marketing

Organic content usually takes the form of what is being said on your website, content on pages, landing pages, blogs, product pages where the content is captured by Google's bots to capture the keywords and indexing them. Your ability to project and propagate based on spreading the word, and gaining authority when people add your pages as backlinks. But how does that fit in with a Shopify Expert helping you through the process? There are many items on your website that can be considered to be detrimental to your digital marketing - anything from duplicate meta tags, toxic backlinks, 404's and 5xx errors, page speeds, and anything that the google bot might see an issue with. So no matter how much content you might put out if your website is not squeaky clean for the Google Bot, you get penalized.

Shopify Expert's Skills

As you can gather, a Shopify Expert is one that is trained in HTML and CSS, Ruby on Rails, Shopify API, and the Shopify process for Custom or Private App development. However, their skills extend further than good responsive design, user experience, and just being a Shopify Developer. Their experience in the use of popular search engines gives them an edge on search engine optimization, which can then take your Shopify Store to the next level. Online marketing is part creative and part technical, the technical parts are about alignment to what is considered best practice for your digital marketing strategy.

Traditional Marketing vs. SEO

While traditional marketing is changing daily towards the digital, the main reason traditional is having to change is the ability to have greater reach. A billboard has only a limited audience of a local population, even by a highway, that audience may be exposed to several hundred thousand drivers, most of which may not resonate with the content. With Social Media Marketing you now have the ability to segment your target subjects by categories and even get down to niche groups. The power to target your desired audience locally, nationally, or globally with your digital media is significantly more effective and delivers much higher responses than Email Marketing.

New and fresher online store

When taking the opportunity to transition/migrate your store, the use of a Shopify Expert to implement your Shopify Theme, set up your digital channels, add your product and services is highly recommended. Not only you will get a new fresh store for your existing clients to see the improvements, however, the SEO portions will also be considered during the build process and make the re-launch a success. Designers and developers have the training and skills to audit your site for errors and can optimize your pages and online store to welcome the google bot and crawl away.

Ongoing Maintenance for your online store

Some opt to have a maintenance contract for their online store, and in a lot of cases focus on additional features to expose their products and services, help with the marketing funnel, or re-arrange some pages and layouts. However, the SEO tasks don't easily appear on the list, most times due to lack of awareness. The occasional SEO Site Audit to remove errors that your online store might have is important to maintain a solid SEO Health status and to address these errors, your Shopify Expert can be tasked to resolve them.

Improving your Google Analytics and Google Search

While your online store sees the improvements and corrections, the google bots will pick up the fixes and help you get better exposure in Google searches for the keywords that your online store is recognized for. What is important to recognize is bot also checks for changes in content on your online store, to see if it is active. This means new pages, updated pages, and content changes across the site. Your Digital Marketing with keywords has to actively show a continuous rhythm of change to which indexing and keyword capture continues to be archived, and with social media propagation, backlinks, and online recognition increase authority.

Web Design and Theme

With thousands of Shopify Themes to chose from and having a Web Designer assisting in selecting what may work best for your brand, your audience, your marketing it may not always work out well for your user experience. It is important to ensure that the UX side is factored in, that the funnels are understood explicitly, and can then help convert. Conversion is something that Google search also pays attention to. Therefore your theme must be aligned to your industry, and the purpose it should serve for the marketing type and method you aim to engage with your audience.


Shopify Experts and your SEO are joined at the hip with your online store, and Google's bots. Google Analytics may give you the reports you are keeping an eye on, Google Search Console the outcome of your progress but when it comes to fine-tuning to get the most out of your online store, the Shopify Expert can assess, detect and resolve those hurdles that are seen by the Google bots, and help you drive better and harder against the competition. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, feel free to reach out to us at

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