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How to Establish Trust on eCommerce Sites and Apps

Shopify has started 2023 with the launch of Commerce Components, an enterprise-only offering set to transform the enterprise ecommerce space. We asked three of our senior management team for their insights on the significance of Commerce Components and what it means for enterprise retailers.
How to Establish Trust on eCommerce Sites and Apps

If you are an eCommerce business owner, you know how important your website is. You need it to sell products, provide customer service, communicate product updates, and much more.

The problem is that people don’t trust online businesses like they do brick-and-mortar stores. This can lead to a loss of sales and customers in the long run.


When it comes to establishing trust in your eCommerce sites and apps, authenticity is the key. This is an element that can make all the difference in how successful your business becomes.

Authenticity refers to acting in line with your true beliefs and values. Unlike the adaptive self, which seeks to fit in with others and ignore your own values, an authentic person will act in accordance with what is truly important to them.

One way to be more authentic is to examine your deeply-rooted beliefs and behavior patterns. It is a process that takes time and practice. However, if you can commit to doing so, it can be life-changing!

In her book The Power of Authenticity, Brene Brown defines authenticity as “the courage to be seen and heard in our truth.” This can be achieved by speaking your mind and sharing your opinions with the world. Practicing this is especially important in the digital age, where information is easily accessible to anyone who wants it.

A major part of a brand’s authenticity lies in its story. Popular brands like Nike, Patagonia, and Aerie illustrate how stories can be a powerful tool for communicating your brand’s message.

Authenticity can also be established through the actions of your employees. Often, this is done by hiring individuals who reflect your values and character. You can then use these people as ambassadors to share your brand with the world.

Another great way to build your brand’s authenticity is through social media. Millions of people post photos and reviews every day that can be used to promote your brand.

When you do this, it will be more natural for your customers to relate to your brand and become loyal to it. This will make it easier for them to recommend your products to their friends and family.

Creating a genuine, personal connection with your customers is the best way to build brand loyalty and create repeat sales. This will lead to a higher customer lifetime value and increased revenues.


Regardless of your business model, e-commerce is an industry that requires customers to trust you. Having a well-designed and functional website that communicates your message is important, but building a strong bond with customers will go even further to help you convert them into paying clients.

Consumers can be hesitant to give out their personal information online, especially when they don’t know you yet. This is why security should be a top priority for any e-commerce business, no matter how large or small their customer base.

Security is a process that helps protect against threats like hackers, scams, identity theft and more. It can also improve customer experiences by enhancing trust and reducing the risk of losing money to fraudsters.

One of the first things a business can do to establish trust is to obtain an SSL certificate, which encrypts data that are being transmitted on the site. This helps prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or other financial records.

Another way to build trust is by using secure payment methods on your eCommerce site. This will ensure that customers aren’t afraid to spend their money with your business, which can lead to increased conversions and loyal repeat customers.

You can also add a PCI-compliant seal to your site, which means you’re certified as a safe and secure payment service provider. This certification will also help to lower customer anxiety about digital payments, which can boost your overall sales.

Lastly, you can use trust badges on your e-commerce site to increase your conversion rates and boost customer confidence. These badges are high-resolution and recognizable, so they can stand out among competing brands. The Shoe Mart, for example, found that adding a TrustedSite trust badge generated a 14% conversion lift over a competitor’s badge.

While there are plenty of ways to create trust on an e-commerce site, the most effective method is to do it over time. This means creating a culture of security that’s built into your company from the very beginning. You’ll want to incorporate security into your day-to-day activities and make it a regular part of your website maintenance routine. This way, you’ll never forget to address any security issues that may arise in the future.


Privacy is a concept that allows people to keep parts of their personal lives private. This is considered a basic human right and can help protect individuals from exploitation, manipulation, and victimization. It is a necessary part of the functioning of a free society, and many countries have recognized privacy rights as a fundamental part of their constitutions.

The domain of privacy partially overlaps with security, which focuses on the appropriate use and protection of information. In addition, it also encompasses bodily integrity and the right not to be subjected to unsanctioned invasions of privacy by the government, corporations, or individuals.

There are many factors that contribute to the development of individual privacy, which include culture and norms. For instance, physical privacy may be a matter of cultural sensitivity or personal dignity, while shyness can cause concern for safety.

In some contexts, privacy may also be a matter of social justice. In some societies, for example, people with disabilities may not have the same right to privacy as others, and some forms of government surveillance may be unconstitutional.

Some types of privacy are governed by laws, while other aspects of it are determined by social conventions and ethical norms. These may be based on gender, age or religion.

As technology advances and becomes increasingly invasive, people have become more and more concerned about their digital privacy. This is due to new threats like social media, selfie culture, location technology, and more.

If you want to build trust with customers on your eCommerce site or app, you need to be able to explain the risks associated with the use of their private information. This will make them feel more comfortable and confident about completing an online purchase.

This will be important if you are selling products or services that require a lot of private information, such as credit card details. You should be able to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-understand privacy policy that tells customers how their information will be used and safeguarded so that they know what to expect from your company.

Customer Service

Providing good customer service is one of the most effective ways to establish trust on your eCommerce site or app. Customers will trust a company that cares enough to listen and resolve their issues quickly and effectively.

Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation, building trust with your customer base is a vital part of growing revenue. As a result, customer service has become a central focus for many organizations.

It's not only important to provide excellent customer service, but it also plays a critical role in driving repeat sales and preventing churn. Research has shown that customers who are unhappy with their experience are more likely to switch brands than those who have been satisfied.

In order to create great customer service, you need to understand your audience and provide them with the information they need in a way that is relevant and timely. This requires a strong understanding of customer needs and behaviors, as well as the ability to anticipate those needs before they even occur.

Another key aspect of providing excellent customer service is having a clear and efficient process for contacting customer service representatives. This includes having agents trained to deliver the right amount of information and allowing them to resolve customer issues as quickly as possible.

While customer service is most often provided by phone, email, and online forums are also common ways for customers to contact companies and get assistance. For example, you may offer live chat support on your eCommerce site or app, which allows customers to speak directly with an agent.

There are many different ways to provide excellent customer service, but it's crucial to ensure that your customers are treated with respect. If you're not doing this, you risk putting your brand at a disadvantage in the eyes of your competitors.

While providing excellent customer service is a huge commitment, it can be well worth the investment in time and money. Happy customers are loyal, spend more and return to your company more often. Additionally, you will save time and money on marketing because your customers are more likely to spread the word about your brand.

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