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FuelPHP Developers

TheGenieLab team are experienced FuelPHP developers, working with organizations and developers who require additional FuelPHP magic and expertise to fine-tune, complete and troubleshoot their unique projects.

Our clever crack-team of FuelPHP developers work closely with the FuelPHP creators to constantly debug and improve this lightweight, yet comprehensive community-sourced framework.

This places us firmly amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable FuelPHP experts in the industry. And helps us keep up to date with any Fuel Development.

If you have a FuelPHP site and an issue with your current developers or are a developer in need of additional skills, we can help. Just give us a ring or drop us a note to get going.

What is FuelPHP?

FuelPHP is a community-sourced lightweight application framework. It's used to rapidly create all sorts of elegant, full-featured and bespoke apps. Deceptively simple and flexible to use, this framework is ideal when working with clients who have tight budgets and tight timescales. Written as an offshoot of CodeIgniter, this framework is beautiful when it comes to sanitizing code - getting rid of errors and resulting in a slick little framework that does just what you want it to.

​​​Flexibility is a key feature of FuelPHP. Nothing stays still for long in the world of web development and, if you're looking to keep up, FuelPHP gives developers the option to integrate database technologies, including Mongo, for extra adaptability and scalability. Oh, and did we mention how neat the open-sourced documentation is FuelPHP is a great little framework and, with the right skillset behind the scenes, you can do great things.
How we can help

TheGenieLab have the skillset you need to make your FuelPHP project streamlined, successful and problem-free. Our code wizards have in-depth knowledge of FuelPHP and all compatible components, from Mongo to Twitter. We've even created a handy open source Twitter package using FuelPHP for everyone to enjoy. Our FuelPHP developers have worked with the Welsh Assembly, the NUS in Wales and the IBO.

To learn more about our FulePHP development please get in touch.

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