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BigCommerce Developers for Your Online Store

BigCommerce Experts ready to help your Business grow

BigCommerce Experts ready to help your Business grow.

At TheGenieLab, being BigCommerce certified and registered as a BigCommerce Partner, are eCommerce Solution experts and have over a decade of expertise in delivering online stores by partnering with the business in delivering specific user experiences, Website Designs with our UI/UX designers with a wide variety of integrations including Social Media, Financial systems, ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) or any API-based interfaces that your business may require.

Our Software development is based on an Agile model, where our sprints with our software engineers are designed around your business goals and schedules. The BigCommerce eCommerce platform is extremely capable and allows for user-centered design, delivering top-tier high-quality eCommerce stores. Our development agency works tightly with the BigCommerce team on various fronts to enable, your online store to be SEO Optimized, integrate with social media platforms, have your unique user interface design, and work with your information architecture.

At TheGenieLab you get:

    • A Program Manager to work with and report back on progress and deliver on an agreed-upon schedule.
    • Direct Developer contact through our Monday board.
    • Quality Assurance and testing.
    • We can offer SEO Keyword assistance on any piece of content.
    • We can work with any programming language you might require.

New BigCommerce Store Build

Whether you are a start-up, or you are adding your existing brick and mortar store online, our team strives to understand your audience, work with you on the BigCOmmerce Theme you are looking to use, go through the marketing funnels, your SEO strategy, get the requirements for our professional designers to deliver your online store and launch it.

BigCommerce Theme Update

BigCommerce Theme updates aim to boost conversions, apply better call to action in registrations, sales, and engagement. Integrating social media to the themes for better engagement, bringing confidence to users to fill their baskets and confidently transact them for a great customer experience. Using industry best practices, applying your business model funnels all the while providing your operational model access/support for a better execution for the customer.

Move to BigCommerce Migration

It can be overwhelming to contemplate an eCommerce store move, especially when you have a very active marketing program with social media marketing, email marketing, frequent blog releases for search engines, link building, and a steady flow of customers. Building your BigCommerce store and transitioning it during a lull so that the domain pointing reduces risk and issues is how we operate. At TheGenieLab, we can plan your migration with you, and we are here every step of the way.

BigCommerce Integrations

We can integrate either via existing and supported BigCommerce Apps or build custom ones to ensure your business processes and systems that you operate with are in place. Integrations with Marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and other platforms, Social Media platforms, financial systems, ERPs, and 3PLs.

BigCommerce App development

When it comes to additional functionality, either custom or want to emulate existing UI/UX from another eCommerce store or may want a special integration, BigCommerce has a fully functional and fast API to work with. Our software development team can either map requirements, apply these requirements, and deliver a full-featured BigCommerce App to your store. 

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