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Introducing Retailers Map App!

28 June 2018 by Genie Lab

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Show the world your Retail network with a find a retailer map.


TheGenieLab's eCommerce experience in working with many Shopify Store Owners has launched a commonly used Shopify App that provides easy functionality in managing retailers and their locations.

Our Retailers Map App will provide merchants that have a distribution network the ability to display their location, allowing customers to search and navigate to the closest store with directions loaded into Google Maps to their location.

Main features:

* Easy to install, configure, and set up your Retailers on 1 page

* Customers can search for locations and get directions easily from the map

* New distributors can easily apply to be a part of your retailer network


Provides easy functionality in managing unlimited amounts of retailers and locations on 1 map for merchants looking to grow with ease.

The App installs directly within your theme and automatically creates a single page within that live theme. Set up is as easy as just a few minutes and no code or developers are required to install.

The admin panel gives merchants a centralized place to easily add new retailers and locations to the map in just a few clicks. Merchants can do this by adding a single retailer at a time, or by viewing the list of customer accounts and marking them to be added to the map in bulk.

The Retailers Map app is great for distributors that handle multiple retailers around the country or internationally! New interested retailers can apply to become a retailer for that region directly from the page. This will cut down on back and forth, and the approval process goes very smoothly.

It is an easy and effective way to show your Retailer network to the online community and it takes little to no time to manage it.

Note: The Map page is created automatically to your existing Live Theme. You must have a Live Theme in place for it to be installed as a requirement. The Map page can be previewed via the App provided a link, as well and within the theme. To link your Map page to your menu, this must be done manually.

For installation instructions please view the guide.

Sign up for a free trial within the Shopify app store today.

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