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We are ecommerce experts, building high quality websites using industry standard software.

Integrate your website or product with the world’s leading ecommerce platforms.

Hire a team of expert developers to work on your projects to speed up production.

Building Blocks


Shopify’s industry leading cloud ecommerce platform has excellent functionality, usability and security. We’ll help you get the very most out of it by designing, developing and integrating and top quality store.


The world’s largest ecommerce platform, Magento’s highly flexible open source nature is ideal for our projects that have very specific requirements. Our deeply functional, integrated and customised stores will help you reach your goals.


Brightpearl’s extensive multi-channel management systems integrates and automates many aspects of ecommerce. As one of Brightpearl’s preferred developers, we’ll help you take advantage of its powerful features.

Great Ecommerce Sites & Apps

With years of experiencing designing and building to a high standard, TheGenieLab can help you plan out your project and identify key challenges, whether you need a new ecommerce store or an integration app.

Enterprise Level Development

Our team specialise in ecommerce, thriving on delivering high quality projects for startups and established organisations. Understanding what you are trying to achieve is at the core of our work, so that we can put together a project that will help you get there.

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We are members of the Shopify Experts group
We are Magento specialists
We are one of Brightpearls primary development partners

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