Project Terms & Conditions

Note on our Quotes

These documents are intended to convey the principles by which we work but don’t cover every possible eventuality. We always try to resolve any issues informally as early as possible. We are a flexible team, and we’ll go out of our way to successfully deliver our projects. We do this by building an individual working relationship with each of our clients. 



Our code has a 30-day warranty from ‘hand over’. Bugs and issues with agreed functionality will be resolved within this period at no charge, however unauthorized changes to designs, templates or coding will void this warranty. Regardless of the circumstances, we’ll always do our best to help.



Each project will include a certain level of documentation as well as handover training. We will often arrange informal training, either through documentation or an online walk-through, as part of our standard service. At an additional negotiated cost we can also arrange formal training, including training on-site.


Support Hours

Our standard working hours for the UK are 9am-5pm GMT and US are 9am-5pm EST. 


Quality Assurance

Our in-house quality assurance exhaustively tests all our projects, to ensure we deliver consistently to the highest standards.


Project Management

We know that thorough project management is vital to the success of any project. All TheGenieLab projects are assigned a project manager. Your project manager will be responsible for the planning, scheduling, and costing of your project, and your point of contact to discuss any ideas or issues you may have.



Based on the agreed specification, we will carefully plan your project to give accurate timescales. However, projects change as they go along, either due to technical complications or changes in specification, which can affect delivery dates. Working closely with you through this process helps us to keep things on track.

We expect response times to be reasonable and within 2-3 days. If we do not receive a response within 2-3 days, the delivery time of the project could be affected.


Third-party Software and Shopify apps

In projects with budgets less than $5k we normally assume the use third-party apps to achieve specific functionality which is non-standard to out-the-box e-commerce features. These apps may incur a small monthly cost or require a plugin/ extension to be purchased. In our projects, we always assume the most efficient and cost effecting approach to deliver the solution and this may mean utilizing existing apps or plugins.

On some of the projects we employ third-party software, for example, an existing ecommerce or CMS platform as a base, then connectors to integrate other pieces of software (e.g. stock management or accounts), or add functionality to the admin panel. Many of our clients come to us because we have experience in building functionality that hasn’t been created before. Sometimes, third-party software simply doesn’t work as advertised, potentially creating substantial delays in development while we do our best to resolve the issues. All but the simplest work can carry risks, but we will work closely with you throughout to minimize these.

Shopify apps

In the proposal where we have mentioned 'using app,' this means we will rely on using a Shopify app from the app store to achieve the specific feature.


Before Development Can Begin

We will begin planning your project straight away, and pencil the work into our production schedules, but your slot cannot be guaranteed until we received the agreed deposit. Depending on the project, there may also be some key things we need before we can begin. One of our team will go through these with you.



The payment schedule for your project will be agreed beforehand, and will normally be tied to project milestones. In most circumstances, we will offer a fixed price before work commences. However if the specification or feature set requires changes during the project, or if new information is supplied which affects the complexity of the project, then we may need to re-agree costs. If on-site training or meetings beyond our normal schedule are required then this may also affect costings.


Third-party Costings

On some documents, we will include indicative costs for third-party services or products that we recommend for your project. We will do our best to make sure these are accurate, but they are estimates only. Please do check directly with the suppliers.


Cancellation of Project

If there are issues that are causing you to consider canceling the project, we will work closely with you to identify ways we can get the work finished. If that is not possible then we will negotiate an exit from the project, though in normal circumstances we would expect to be paid for work completed to date.


Intellectual Property

You will own the intellectual property rights to your project unless agreed otherwise. However, ownership remains with TheGenieLab until full payment is received.

Hourly rate

Our hourly rate is $100/hr for development and we will work on an hourly basis when agreed. The time spent on all projects will be tracked and a rate of $100/hr applied to calculate the value of our time spent.