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Shopify Experts, Google Analytics, and your SEO

While it is straightforward to set up your Google Analytics code into Shopify Analytics in the admin panel, you will get your metrics reporting in your Google Analytics account. It is important to note that’s not the same as the Google Search Console which will give you trends on impressions and clicks from organic search. SEO activity to improve your organic search is a key ingredient to grow and improve your store’s authority. A Shopify Expert can therefore be an important asset to demonstrate the architecture between Google, site SEO tools, Organic SEO content, and getting the trends you are seeking.

Setting up Google Analytics

Almost anyone can go ahead and add their Google Analytics to their Shopify Store. For those that have never done this before, there are many sources of going about creating your Google Analytics account, obtaining your Analytics Tracking code, and then adding that code to your Shopify Store through its administration panel.

Setting up your SEO tools

Shopify allows for the basics, however, most themes require a Shopify App to give you the SEO tools that will help your Shopify Store to rank better. These tools will help and make it easier to generate your Shopify Store Sitemap, be able to reach and vary your Meta Tags for your pages (and avoiding duplicates), adding ALT text to your images will help your SEO both implicitly and explicitly. Additional functionality in creating landing pages for promotional/SEO purposes to raise your content profile in certain keywords is a key area for your marketing efforts to continue to draw attention from the Google Search Console.

There are other tools that can “bulk” edit a new Store on several fronts – Images for their ALT Text while adding variable keywords to them, same goes for Meta Tags – which satisfies the Google Search Bots as it crawls through your Shopify Store to give you a good SEO grade.

Getting your SEO tools in place with a Shopify Expert

Shopify Experts have the experience of what will give you the must-have functionality for the lowest cost/investment and how the tools work. Sure, you can try various tools based on their description, or claimed abilities, discover how they work and how they will charge. Some give you free basic functionality, but the higher and more useful functions require a paid plan. Doing this research is very time-consuming, given there are so many SEO Apps in the Shopify App Store.

A Shopify Expert will also be able to configure the Shopify Apps and know which ones complement each other for optimal functionality. You want to avoid Shopify Apps that overlap functionality as it not only gets confusing but can conflict with one another with undesirable results.

Shopify Expert getting your SEO Audit scores

It is one thing to get the connection with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, having the SEO Tools in place and configured, but is your store optimized for the Google Algorithm to rank your store with a strong authority potential?

What an SEO Audit entails

There are several aspects in how Google will judge your online marketing. Some of the key areas are backlinks from high authority scored domains/websites, avoiding “spammy” or “automated” traffic sites that try to game the Google Algorithms, your Organic Content, your method of driving traffic (Social Media, Advertising, Blogging, etc.). In the end, all your efforts will point to your website which is where your marketing funnels takes place. An SEO Audit verifies that the various aspects of your website’s SEO structure are properly filled out, varied enough, page titles not being too long/too short, page links being the right size, and a long list of what Google will consider good or bad.

Your goal is to have strong traffic from the right audience that engages with your content, products, and services. Strong ratings and customer service/experience are what Google is looking out for.

Shopify Expert and Site Optimization

The Shopify Expert obtains your SEO report and will work with the Storeowner with the content required to satisfy the various areas that need addressing. Having your site indexed correctly and being set up correctly for Google to give you the best score possible is important to leverage as your online marketing will be more effective.


Working with Google, your online marketing and your site content architecture takes various skillsets to achieve a concise and effective outcome for Google to give your Shopify Store the best authority score outside of your marketing/backlinks/socials. A Shopify Expert can add optimization of the tools and how your store will score to the eyes of the Google Bot. Your content and marketing efforts, all add up to delivering what you seek – interest, demand, and engagement which is what your marketing funnel needs to convert with. If you need assistance or advice, feel free to reach out to us at

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