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Genie X-Files Part 4 – Fredy Dellis

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I have had a very international career having lived in 9 countries and have essentially managed large international organizations in the first part of my business career. From working at Hertz, the car, truck and equipment rental company for over 20 years where I was the President of the International business to being the President of Burger King where I did also manage the International part. Then EuropCar as their CEO and finally Resort Condominium International as their MD for EME&A region.

Then I became an entrepreneur with a group of Norwegian investors and develop and built the only luxury residential ship “The World” followed by ventures in Resort real estate, in Venezuelan and Mexican niche cruise lines and finally getting involved with TheGenieLab.

When did you start at TheGenieLab?

As I was available Alfred Gooding, and old friend of mine, asked me early last year if I was interested to look at a business in which he invested as a seed investor some years ago. I then investigated the ecommerce service business in UK, Europe and USA. I went to Silicon Valley; talked to a lot of people in California and Florida involved one way or another in that business. Then I spent sometime looking at what was called at that time PHP Genie. Then finally decided to invest in the business and decided to also become the CEO with the support of all the shareholders. It has been about one year since I started with now TheGenieLab.

What is your role & current projects?

As Chief Executive Officer, I concentrate on people, processes and development. To surround yourself with skilled and motivated people is a key to success. To make sure that we implement the right process and adhere to it is essential in this complex business.

Our projects are twofold: geographical expansion in the USA and develop ecommerce software products whilst maintaining a strong quality software development service delivery.

What has been your biggest challenge?

People have been my biggest challenge. Getting the right people within the organisation to deliver high quality software or products to our customers gives us the best ground to expand our customer base.

What do you like to do for fun?

I am a road bicycle rider been doing it for more than 50 years. I enjoy doing it on weekends and in the week as I’m extremely busy I do spinning. This keeps me in shape for the long rides. I also enjoy reading, mainly action and spy novels and history books. I take a special interest in the 16th to 19th century French and English history. Particularly the Napoleon period and the Battle of Waterloo since I was born in a farm located on the battlefield.

If you were an ecommerce store what would you be?

If I was an ecommerce store I would have to be a sport related store involving selling sport and leisure equipment and vacation. Sport with a focus on bicycle and leisure with a focus on exploration cruising.

Big thanks to our Lauren Karamouzis for putting together this piece.


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