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Building your Online Store with WIX eCommerce

Are you looking to start an online store with WIX?

If you have a website and are looking to add shopping cart functionality, it is easily within reach using WIX. You might be starting from just an idea, or feel you would like to migrate your store. WIX is capable of fully scaling your business from startup to making millions in revenue, your reach for multilingual/multicurrency is at your fingertips.

What you get for eCommerce in WIX

Wix has an easy Wix Editor to work with for your content, social media, and your products while it connects easily with your Google Analytics account. You can add features from the WIX App Store to enhance sales and conversion and customize your theme to make your store unique. Payment methods are varied for flexibility and to maximize online transaction completions. You have all the tools available, from email marketing to printing out shipping labels - your eCommerce website is ready to be created via the WIX Online Store Builder.

Managing with WIX

To get optimized eCommerce features with ease-of-use challenges technology to deliver solutions for both the store owner and the audience. WIX does this through templates and content management, there is no need to write code. Therefore site maintenance is easier to manage, and it is very intuitive to achieve the look and functionality you are looking for.

What stands out with WIX

Features like real-time Tax/VAT (different State Taxes, Country taxes or import duties), the ability to add multi-currency, and having the site turn into a multi-lingual site makes WIX a platform of choice for national or global business. The back-end administration area is fully automated and you can track every process or step in your fulfillment and shipping. Reports are available for you to manage, export, and report back to your accountant. Doing eCommerce with WIX is made easier by the simple fact that the interface is intuitive, powerful, and delivers an exceptional experience.

WIX Back-end finances

With WIX, you can review all your orders, the payout schedules, manage returns, charge-backs, and handle different payment methods all in one easy interface. Together with your financial analytics, customer behaviors, and SEO Marketing you have all the tools to make better decisions on where to invest, what to cut back, and what promotions work best.

WIX Promotional tools and integrations

Loyalty Programs, Coupons, and Subscriptions are all available for you to take advantage of to build your customer base and drive recurring revenue while building your brand. Adding additional Channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy is an easy step in adding that integration. With WIX, you won't feel restricted including integrations in Facebook, Instagram, and various social media platforms.

Abandoned cart recovery, email marketing to automated Facebook ads, and Live Chat with Artificial Intelligence assistance are all part of the toolset to get you going. Setting them up is intuitive, secure and configuring the integrations is reasonably straightforward.


WIX is a very capable and mature platform, with over 500k websites and online stores. Being a cloud-based system, it delivers the power of scalability and performance that your business requires. While you might be able to manage your store, there is a community of developers, content writers, and experts that can assist with any aspect that you might have a need for. Feel the freedom to explore marketplaces, social media channels, countries/languages, and currencies - WIX will not be holding you back.

If you need assistance, or development advice, feel free to reach out to us at - our eCommerce experts in bringing your business goals to fruition are ready to engage with you.

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