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UI/UX Design

All businesses want an inspiring and engaging website for their online store, making it aesthetically pleasing and with solid information architecture. Graphic design, content, and marketing structure are all part of the mix, but there are elements and balances to figure out and how best to present this information to your customers. 

At TheGenieLab we can do a new web design, a re-design, or a partial design to achieve specific goals. For most stores, these goals are to increase engagement and conversions where calls to action are strategically placed to optimize navigation and help the customer to get the basket and checkout.

UI: While this is quite well understood when it comes to website design, understanding the audience and giving the audience the feel of the brand, is the right balance between social media and product interaction and engagement. The digital design also encompasses organizing the content such that it differentiates from other online stores, yet delivers the right visual impact on various platforms (Desktop to Mobile and anything in between).

UX: The User Experience (UX) is a critical component in navigation and transmitting the right steps for a user to reach a certain outcome. This element can deliver knowledge, user choices, and virtual interactions using AR (Augmented reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). 

While most standard stores have a baseline UX built-in that is delivered by the platform and the theme used, a lot of online businesses have specific needs when it comes to communicating and helping customers online. This is achieved by user testing, and user interface designs that are observed and can be measured such as A/B testing.

The user experience design relied on the information architect to provide their input from the UI design process so that the user's journey can be mapped and where they find the information needed to complete the cycle. Web pages are structuring the content however, the call to action is funneling the client to your conversion targets.

If you have specific needs and would like to discuss your online store’s improvement, or looking for a refresh to insert your marketing funnel and support your new digital marketing strategy, give us a shout! We will be happy to discuss options and what it will take to make your goals a reality.
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