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Great communication and the work was excelent. After being told no by a few others they were able to get the job done! Will be using them for Shopify development in the future!

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We have done several projects with the Genie Lab now and always have a great experience.

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Transitioning into a Shopify Plus Plan

Shopify Plus provides unique features from the regular Shopify plans aimed at mid-size to enterprise-level eCommerce. Scalability, increased API Capability, Migration tools, Account Management, Shopify Support, Shopify Account Manager, Speedy checkout, And additional tools and capabilities. Most of the time, you self-assess to see if you would be better off using Shopify Plus as your business is approaching a place where the above-mentioned capabilities become relevant. The Shopify Plus Pricing is also variable based on your needs and setup, but usually starts at a baseline of $2000.00USD and can be variable for higher volume businesses.

Shopify Plus Key Features

Shopify Plus is more than enhanced web design, better customer experience of UX design. Shopify stores can get upgraded into Shopify to enjoy the below benefits.

Here is a short summary of what you get:

1. 60% faster checkout, which reckons that you get an 18% increase in conversion rates.

2. Pages with built-in AR (Augmented Reality), Video, and 3D media capabilities.

3. Multi-lingual stores, multi-currency, B2B, and DTC

4. Customized checkout with advanced discounts and shipping rates.

5. Enhanced Admin with permission control for your staff and sales team.

6. Manage Shopify flow and processes, discounts, and marketing campaigns.

7. Tax automation with built-in App (Avalara)

8. Enhanced API Tools and increased limits

9. Enhanced migration capabilities via the API – Order, Customer, Product.

10. Rapid integrations between other industry-leading systems

11. Certified Shopify Plus apps and Shopify Experts to customize your store

12. Shopify Account manager providing enhanced customer service; they will help you with the migration, project management, and getting you ready to launch on new eCommerce platform.

There is a choice between Shopify Payments and your own Payment Gateway, rates are different for each option, based on volume. Having your own Payment Gateway requires a minimal charge for the secure connection to your provider.

An article where we covered when to upgrade to Shopify Plus:

This will give you a better idea if this Shopify Plan is suitable.

Base Online Store Pre-requisites

It should be mentioned that your eCommerce website has to have the basics to ensure that a transition into Shopify plus will meet your and your customer's expectations. Everything in your online store should be working at a strong capacity, from a good customer experience to excellent customer satisfaction. Your social media, google searches, UX research, and interactions with customers would yield processes that are established and customer-centric where your conversion rates would be stable and predictable for credit cards to be processed. Shopify Plus Partners would tell you that your current "good" can become a "great" customer experience when adopting the enhancements provided by the new plan. SEO enhancements through page load speed will be detected however your information architecture will need to be pushed to keep search engines noticing your activity and growth. Shopify Plus can enhance word of mouth and improve customer loyalty in growing your online business.

Shopify Plus Relationship

Shopify and the business are both looking for a reliable and synergistic, cost-effective long-term relationship to promote and sell products and services to the audience using efficient and effective tools. The online store needs to deliver higher performance than competing platforms with less maintenance and cost. For this, the Shopify Account Manager’s goal is to work with the business to satisfy the transition/migration and ensure that the tools operate to the audience/business expectations.

Shopify Expert Agency with Shopify Plus

Just like all Shopify Projects, a Shopify Plus Agency outfit can handle the technical aspects of migration (transition products, content, existing clients, and account), Theme customization, Currency Conversion Rates, setting up integrations with other systems, and configuring the various Shopify Apps.

Information on reaching out and engaging with Shopify Experts is available here:

Migration to Shopify Plus

All eCommerce migrations feel like a daunting task. There are so many tasks, so many details, and so much to check and verify. With a very active store, it is even more difficult – you risk revenue and increase in cost to be in operation. This is why you get a hand from Shopify Plus, the tools, and the expertise to get you there, as well as reach some new features that you could benefit from. This can be done in weeks, not months.

For more background on migrating to Shopify Plus:

Shopify Plus Customization

A key feature is the ability to brand and customize the checkout, taking your shopping cart from your branded store all the way through a confirmation page giving the client a fast and branded experience.

In today’s eCommerce technology, Augmented reality, Video, and 3D products are enhancers for people to visualize and picture the items in the right setting. Shopify Experts can assist to get your content uploaded and working with these capabilities. Additional capabilities are also in the API where greater limits allow you to have more processes in/out of Shopify as well as being able to do subscription-based products (via Shopify Scripts) as well as other key capabilities in the below links.

Shopify Experts Resource Center:
Shopify Plus Development and API:

Shopify Plus is not for everyone, it is for businesses that have the volume, the audience, and their marketing is effective and requires additional scaling. Its core technology is built for speed, an international audience, and a set of processes that require control and metrics. The process of transitioning from either a lower Shopify Plan or a hosted platform can be made easier through the community, support, and Shopify Experts available. If you are ready to consider this step, please consult with us at as we are ready to help you scope and identify the next steps with you.

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