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Our retainers allow you to receive priority content creation resource allocations for scheduled work, which can be used to clear content & SEO work backlogs, keeping a regular rhythm of updating your website and metrics. The plans below are flexible and are staggered base on content creation..

Choose one option below from either our BronzeSilver or Gold packages.

The way we work

At TheGenieLab, we often form long-term relationships with our clients, becoming closely involved in their online business and helping them to achieve their goals beyond the launch of an initial website, update work, or service-level product ranging such as Web Design or Digital Marketing Strategies.

TheGenieLab approaches SEO from an organic growth angle that invests in your own website’s content marketing to drive targeted traffic, which has a stronger residual ranking than most competitive SEO companies can deliver.


What we do:

We create and optimize your content for search engines to rank you higher in search engine traffic via the keywords that are selected and driven by your industry and your website. This requires an initial competitive analysis of your closest competitors and your website's SEO Audit (where we find and fix issues). Your local SEO gets addressed where issues may be found, and do an overview of your internet marketing. Propagation is done via established and accepted channels that make sense in your industry. 


What we do NOT do:

No link farms, spam sites, or another fake methods of promotion. It has to be genuine in promoting your content.


Keyword Strategy

Working together with your marketing/content champion, we determine the keywords that your website drives towards to drive your clients to your website. Decisions of adjusting your content to align competitively are made all the while focusing on relevant high-traffic keywords.


Competitive Targeting:

Research and analysis of the competition are done considering different levels of authority (from parity to strong authority) where keywords are picked up and determined if they are matched to the targeted keywords above. An overview of what content is driving the keywords are made, where plans are being forged on how to “steal their lunch” and drive traffic your way.

We do regular monitoring of your competition’s keywords, and their content, and drive our efforts in adjusting to trends, and new keywords and working with your team and industry to drive our plan of action accordingly. We do this with a keyword research tool which outputs your keyword rankings as well as your competitors. This will also include long tailed keywords and the intent they carry. The list of keywords are then analysed and compared and reported back.


Content Creation:

Creative and engaging content writing is not enough, it has to be relevant, timely, and researched. Writing content on both website pages as well as blogs that are directly aligned to the keywords identified, competitively focused, reviewed, and published. This is done via verification and closed loop re-enforcement to keep the keywords climbing in ranking.

The “content” created has to be “genuine”, immersion into your industry is important and at TheGenieLab, we will endeavor to work with you to achieve proficiency to understand your industry, what are the leading news cycles and events, and therefore have a planned layout of articles to be researched and drafted. A lot of competitive SEO services promise content where the readability and content do not deliver a genuine readership experience – for it to be effective, it requires to be.


Content Optimization:

Websites aim to tell your story, however, may need adjusting in content/keywords to be aligned in targeting your audience for SEO purposes. Part of the effort in content creation addresses the gaps in this alignment. Content Marketing strategies takes us closer to your value proposition, your message and mission. From there we look into your Page Titles, your Meta Descriptions and Tags, and where where start to creating content. Additionally we do look how your content drives your conversion rate to which we may recommend Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) studies (to improve your conversion rates) so that actions can be taken to remove the hurdles customers are experiencing.



Part of your SEO ranking depends much on your backlinks, thus your blogs and partners need to be assisting in getting the word out. With Social Media channels, blogs can be posted on a regular interval. Partners might be gracious enough to list you as well. A review and plan in getting backlinks increased is part of the effort.

Every industry has its own way of communicating online, either in forums, social media groups, or in business listings and directories. A review and capture are done to formulate a deployment plan and map your competition for greater context in order to push the content through these channels effectively.

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