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MODX development

MODX development

Update: At TheGenieLab, we have decided to focus on the two publishing / CMS platforms which we believe best serve the cloud and open source markets, which are NationBuilder and WordPress, respectively.


MODX brands itself as something a little bit different from other CMS software. It is fast, efficient and uncluttered, handling any content you can throw at it with pixel perfect presentation. Ideal for Facebook pages, micro-sites, landing pages – you name it. Flexibility is key in a MODX CMS. You don’t have to be limited by what an engineer thinks your site should do, instead you can design and develop your website to behave and operate exactly as you’d like it to.

There are no limits to the front-end technology or to the backend infrastructure you can use in collaboration with MODX and the beauty of this CMS is that it’s open to users of all abilities. Whether you need a sleek, simple CMS that anyone can operate or a clever, multi-faceted system which can be turned into anything in the right hands – MODX delivers just that.

How can we help?
Looking to do something more technical and sophisticated with your CMS? Well that’s where we come in. MODX development is just one of the strings to our technical bow. We love working with your CMS to turn your website into the online presence of your dreams, weaving in APIs, web frameworks and ecommerce platforms which integrate perfectly with your business and your big ideas.

To learn more about our MODX development please speak with a member of our team today on (UK) +44 (0) 2920 837 438 or (US) +1 305-762-0130, via Twitter @thegenielab or by E-mail

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