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TheGenieLab Blog

TheGenieLab Blog

We blog regularly. We enjoy sharing useful knowledge and information on ecommerce and news about TheGenieLab. We believe in sharing the benefit of our experience, and often cover Shopify, Magento and other platforms we work on.

The Secret Behind a Winning Meta Description

16 June 2015 by Genie Lab

How healthy are your site’s meta descriptions? When was the last time you tweaked yours? These little snippets can often be ignored by Ecommerce experts, but they can be invaluable...

7 Simple Methods to Decrease Abandoned Shopping Carts

15 June 2015 by Genie Lab

Recent statistics released by web usability institute Baymard indicate that the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68.07%. That’s nearly three quarters of shoppers piling up their cart in your...

Genie X-Files Part 4 - Fredy Dellis

02 June 2015 by Debbie Hopkins

Hiii! Here we are another fabulous week but sadly we’ve come to the end of our series. We hope you’ve enjoyed having a little insight into some of the key...

2015 Web Design Trends We Love

27 May 2015 by Genie Lab

It’s 2015 – so you’d be more than a little silly to think that designing for desktop alone is going to cut it. Responsive design is now absolutely essential as...

Genie X-Files Part 3 - Jadie Vaughan

26 May 2015 by Debbie Hopkins

Here we are again my fellow freakazoids. So kind of you internet denizens to join us again for another week! It’s heartwarming to know you can’t imagine doing anything else...

Genie X-Files Part 2 - Rob Alcock

19 May 2015 by Debbie Hopkins

Well howdy my fellow internet denizens; so kind of you to tune in to our second installment of our ‘Genie X-Files’ introducing you to our techy team of awesomeness. The...

Hero Images: How to Use Yours & Give Your Site Superpowers

12 May 2015 by Genie Lab

Does your site have a hero image? These large, above-the-fold displays are the big trend in web design. A quick look at the Shopify store shows that this technique is...

5 Easy Ways to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Blog

12 May 2015 by Debbie Hopkins

Google Analytics offers a huge range of insights into how your visitors engage with your blog. Use it to find out what they like, they don’t like, how long they’re...

Genie X-Files Part 1 - Dan Hanly

12 May 2015 by Debbie Hopkins

To many, those who work with the internet are seen as geeks, but we think geek is cool and wear that badge with pride. Anyway, where would our clients be...

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