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TheGenieLab Blog

TheGenieLab Blog

We blog regularly. We enjoy sharing useful knowledge and information on ecommerce and news about TheGenieLab. We believe in sharing the benefit of our experience, and often cover Shopify, Magento and other platforms we work on.

How to Ensure Your One-Time Buyers Turn Into Loyal Customers

23 December 2013 by Daniel Lewis

Any eCommerce expert knows that there’s one secret to increasing your turnover online – making the most of returning customers. According to RJMetrics, although repeat customers only account for 8%...

How to Blog Brilliantly: The 5 Things Every eCommerce Blog Needs

28 November 2013 by Daniel Lewis

So you’ve heard how important it is to have a blog on your website. Positioning your brand as an authority in your field and reaching new customers in a way that...

Need for Speed – Which Platforms Have the Best Page Load Times?

06 November 2013 by Daniel Lewis

Here at TheGenieLab, you’ll know that we live and breathe great website design and development. But we’re also aware that getting your design right is about more than aesthetics. You...

Are Your eCommerce Product Descriptions Working For You?

23 October 2013 by Tom Bond

As we previously discussed a few weeks back, if you’re looking to bring visitors (and by extension, customers) to your site, then you’ll need to revolutionise the way that you think...

What is Your eCommerce Returns Policy?

10 October 2013 by Andrew Cargill

When you’re behind the wheel of an eCommerce website, returns are an inevitable, if exasperating, fact of life. You can process and post a product to an expectant customer but...

How to Get Customers to Your Site - How Content Helps SEO for eCommerce

26 September 2013 by Tom Bond

So you’ve built a shiny new website. And boy, does it look good. What’s more, its usability is top-notch too, with no 404 errors or issues at the checkout stage.There’s...

Introducing… Brightpearl

03 September 2013 by Tom Bond

We’re passionate about smart web development and clever eCommerce solutions at PHPGenie, which is why we keep up to date with the latest developments and the most up-coming bits of...

We are NationBuilder Architects - first in Wales

30 August 2013 by Steve Lewis

We’re really pleased to announce that we have been certified as NationBuilder Architects. We are the first Architects to be certified in Wales, and one of the first in the...

eCommerce stats and info: who sells what on the web?

15 July 2013 by Andrew Cargill

We don’t know about you, but sometimes managing your own website can be such an all-encompassing task that we fail to properly notice all the other trends, statistics and developments...

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