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TheGenieLab Blog

We blog regularly. We enjoy sharing useful knowledge and information on ecommerce and news about TheGenieLab. We believe in sharing the benefit of our experience, and often cover Shopify, Magento and other platforms we work on.

Complementing your eCommerce store with your very own branded App

18 February 2020 by Chris Behier

In today’s smartphone world, brands are pushing the envelope in being present in every part of your digital life – that includes the App Store of your smartphone. For both...

eCommerce and the Counterfeit epidemic

10 February 2020 by Chris Behier

For quite some time now, Counterfeiters have been using the online channel to sell their fake goods to consumers. It is reported that 1 out of 5 products sold on...

5G rollout, and its impact on the Retail Trends

02 February 2020 by Chris Behier

Much talk about 5G, Huawei being a threat, infrastructure upgrades and finally, the amazing bandwidth that we are all expecting to see. 5G is poised to be the one major...

Next step in logistics – getting Sorted

21 January 2020 by Chris Behier

Founder and CEO David Grimes started back in 2009 on an obsession with Tech and Logistics. Today, his company Sorted has celebrated its £1Billion in the delivery value of goods....

Direct to Consumer (D2C) and eCommerce in 2020

16 January 2020 by Chris Behier

While most everyone understands what B2C, B2B and even C2C, the evolution of branding, lifestyle, social media, apps and omnichannel merging together has given birth to D2C. Of course at...

Shopify Introduces Email Marketing and Reports Great Success

09 January 2020 by Chris Behier

In order to build relationships while integrating the tools of Email Marketing into your eCommerce platform, Shopify has made it easier to reach your clients all the while consolidating the...

Google to enter banking with Code-Name “Cache”

18 December 2019 by Chris Behier

A few weeks back, Google announced that it is looking to enter the market with Google “Cache” in partnership with Banks and Credit Unions. Expected in 2020, the rollout is...

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday and Bricks vs. Online 2019

10 December 2019 by Chris Behier

While there was much media buzz on the year’s biggest shopping season, there is so much noise that consumers have difficulty focusing on where the best deals are. Of course,...

Google to Punish Slow-Loading Websites

02 December 2019 by Chris Behier

Last Monday Google announced a performance badge scheme to alert users of slow loading websites ahead of their “clicking to link”. This means if you are a shopkeeper, you could...

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