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Shopify Introduces Email Marketing and Reports Great Success

09 January 2020 by Chris Behier

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In order to build relationships while integrating the tools of Email Marketing into your eCommerce platform, Shopify has made it easier to reach your clients all the while consolidating the reporting tools on the effectiveness of your Email Campaigns.  Besides this great feature, Shopify continues to show an unstoppable penetration in the eCommerce platform, bringing success to its clients and consumers.


What does Shopify Email do?

It provides you customizable Email templates in order to use existing brand assets or store product content in putting together your next campaign. Better yet, using your domain name you can now send Email directly with just a click away. Most importantly, the store analytics that can measure your success in a campaign is all at your fingertips.


Shopify Email as an App

This Email tool was initially conceived back in 2018 with the base of being a marketing app extension and today it is one of many marketing apps available within Shopify. Shopify has partnered with the largest advertising platforms so that your advertisement can run on Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Snapchat. Additionally, third-party apps using the opened API have also integrated into Shopify to use their tools for your Campaigns – such as Seguno, Omnisend, and SMSBump.

Note that Seguno made it in the top 10 Apps for 2020 from ThemeIsle



Shopify Black Friday/Cyber Monday Success

The platform has broken a new record with $2.9+ Billion in worldwide sales in that weekend period (reported as of December 3rd, 2019) which reinforces that the architecture, its apps and reports are all delivering for the merchants. The revenue came from over 1M merchants, covering over 175 countries. Last year for that same period, $1.8+ Billion was registered, which is a considerable jump year over year.


Overall, Shopify’s success keeps this platform growing and is doing astounding strides every year in all areas of eCommerce.

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