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Migrating from Amazon Webstore to Shopify

08 April 2015 by Tom Bond

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Amazon has recently announced that its hosted Ecommerce platform, Webstore, will close after 6 years of operation. This means it follows the likes of Magento Go and ProStores, which have both closed recently in the face of stiff competition from the likes of Shopify and Bigcommerce. These new platforms have delivered excellent feature sets, attractive themes and have really shaken up the Ecommerce market.

Existing users have been given until July 2016 to arrange a migration to another platform. We aren’t certain how many retailers are affected, but BuiltWith identifies around 2,100 live Webstore sites. One of the complaints about Webstore has been the prominence of the Amazon branding, lack of features and not always intuitive user interface.

As a result, although a migration is often a daunting prospect, the news also presents an opportunity for retailer to plan a move which will help them develop their online offering by taking advantage of up to date tools and a richer feature set - especially if they choose an experience migration partner.

So far, it looks as though Shopify is the most attractive option - about twice as many Webstore users who were migrating platform went to Shopify as to Bigcommerce in 2014. As Shopify Experts and Partners, we can understand why. We think Shopify is a great fit for Webstore users, representing excellent usability, flexibility and feature set for the money, along with a deep community base producing strong apps to extend the functionality of your store.

It also makes sense to retain some of the key positives of using a hosted Ecommerce solution. For example, fraud protection, secure payment processing and server maintenance are key components of a successful Ecommerce business, and moving to another hosted platform such as Shopify ensures these aspects are retained, whilst adding some improved functionality.

TheGenieLab is a store migration solution provider, and we can help you define your requirements by mapping your processes, and working closely with you to deliver a seamless transition to your new store, delivering improved design, flexibility, features and marketing that enhance your offering and drive sales.

To make sure that the change is not just a chore but an opportunity, we’ll help you refine your marketing and image, strengthening them to maximise conversion and sales. We can also update your APIs, customised extension and business automation processes to keep your operation lean and efficient.

The result? An Ecommerce store that your customers will love and that you can easily manage.

For a 30min consultation to discuss and define your requirements at a time convenient for you, get in touch today.

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