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Meet Debbie Hopkins, our Sales Genie

23 July 2014 by Fredy Dellis

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Debbie, Andrew, Fredy and Chase outside our Miami office.

Debbie, Andrew, Fredy and Chase outside our Miami office.

Meet Debbie. She is our Sales Genie at TheGenieLab Miami, FL office. She has been working in online / digital marketing for over 14 years and is passionate about helping businesses realize their true potential online. She has worked with businesses on driving traffic through online advertising channels and understands the need to have them land on an experience that invites converting that traffic to leads, sales, and loyalty.

She will guide you through the laboratory of services that our ecommerce web design and development company offers to find the best solution to meet your needs. Is it that your conversions have recently taken a dip because you don’t have a mobile-ready site? Not a problem! Because of her extensive experience in working with companies to drive conversions, she can help you to navigate the best offering to help you achieve those goals whether it be on the Shopify or Magento platform, or even consulting services on your system architecture. Maybe you have a shop up and running but it’s not connected to some of your other systems. She can work with you on understanding which API Integrations you might need to link to your shopping cart like BrightPearl. Or perhaps you are looking to up your social engagement game? Thought about using Beacons for local reach and in-store conversions? She’s happy to have those conversations all day long!

Outside of ecommerce web development and design, she can also discuss with you your needs for extra development resources. Are you behind on project timelines and short some resources? We have been known to offer out our development resources for short term engagements to help you out. We understand that timelines are important to keep especially when working with clients needs. She can run through some examples of how we have worked with some other companies on being an extension of the development team.

When she’s not consulting with our clients, she enjoys street art photography, wine, tech, and food. Not exactly in that particular order. Give our Miami labs a ring and let her know what you need. She’s happy to help!

Get in touch on or call 305-762-0130.

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