TheGenieLab Named Approved Shopify Designers & Developers

TheGenieLab Named Approved Shopify Designers & Developers

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Great news here at TheGenieLab! We’ve just been certified by Shopify as approved design and development experts. We’ve been working with Shopify for many years, so we’re really excited to have our expertise recognized and recommended by this fantastic eCommerce platform. They have also featured us on their website!

What is Shopify?

Not sure what all the fuss is about? You should give Shopify a look. It’s a slick cloud-based, hosted system for eCommerce sites that looks good and performs even better. It powers more than 40,000 online shops across the web and has consistently impressed industry experts from respected techie sources including The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur.

Shopify’s popularity with both web whizzes and online novices lies at the core of its success. It has been developed to be simple-to-use for those looking to set up an online shop with little or no web-savviness – but includes all the flexibility and potential which developers like us need to create impressive systems and eye-catching designs.

We don’t dabble in web design much these days, but Shopify has taken note of our expertise in the web development arena. We’ve been working on smart APIs for Shopify stores for many years now, hooking up Shopify with accountancy software, order fulfillment systems, stock management programs, payment services – you name it, we can do it.

Why are we so excited?

We love developing Shopify stores that work perfectly for our clients – seamlessly integrating all of the ‘extras’ they need to make their online businesses run seriously smoothly. We favor the personally tailored approach, developing the ideal system for each unique business. We believe this results in a quality eCommerce solution that represents impressive long-term value for money – with one eye on the ever-changing future of the web.

What it means to be a Shopify expert

This means that at TheGenieLab we are more than just a Shopify developer, we do more than just Theme Development or do the occasional Shopify App. We develop Shopify Themes to fit your brand requirements, taking eCommerce businesses to the next level on their online store, and we are the Shopify Partner for your store design, user experience, and digital marketing. We cater to startup businesses that might have started with a WordPress theme, either using a starter theme or full-on WordPress theme development to map out their user experience, our Shopify Web Designer can transform prototyping into a live online store in html5 and css3, factoring in your products page to highlight your business model. Adding the marketing tools and optimizing for your SEO, Social Media marketing down to your email marketing.

Shopify’s certification shows that they love what we do too! It also helps eCommerce users to find us and to speak with us about their projects. If you’d like to see what we can do with Shopify, get in touch with our clever team today on (US) +1 305-762-0130 (UK) +44 2921 28 0699, drop us a note, or tweet @thegenielab.

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