API Development for your Online Store

API Development requires diverse eCommerce API knowledge, ERP API, Financial systems API experience, and deployments. Our development team is very familiar with QuickBooks, 3PL software, and other operational systems. We at TheGenieLab can help plan and size your System Integration needs, and roll out your API App within your eCommerce Business.


Shopify API

Get your very own Shopify App. A Private App can be built for any custom interconnectivity, or external data acquisition to add functionality to your store. From connecting your Shopify store to your fulfilment company, your accountancy package, your inventory management system, or your warehouse, our clever Shopify API developers can make your life in eCommerce more streamlined and featureful.


Magento API

Magento is a powerful, extendable, and flexible eCommerce platform. From custom interfaces, processes and functionality, our App Developers can put together a Magento Extension that will fulfil your online store needs. It is ideal for customers looking to create custom features. Our experienced team can create powerful connections using the Magento API to help our customers achieve much more online.


Veeqo API

Veeqo includes everything any online retailer needs to run a successful business. View multichannel orders in a single platform, keep inventory levels 100% accurate, ship orders in bulk, and view sophisticated sales reports. Interconnectivity between most eCommerce platforms is in place if additional data transfers are required for reports, financial updates, project management (inventory and stock management), or any tools to assist in selling products - we can help.


Other API's

Bigcommerce API, Brightpearl API, ChannelAdvisor API, Quickbooks API

We can help you do more online. There are exciting opportunities to use API and App technology to create better user experiences, overcome challenges that you are facing, drive sales, or simplify the way you manage your business. This would include Andriod /IOS development - where our IOS and Android App Developers are fully versed in the deployment process like all mobile app development companies.

We have helped startups through to enterprise-level clients to do more, whether:

  • Managing multiple sales channels in one place and interacting with social media platforms.

  • Eliminating duplication of effort so you can focus on driving the business

  • Offering customers great features to keep them coming back

  • Enhancing the shopping journey so visitors convert more often


As web developers we focus on software solutions, working with and building tools, apps, and API connectors are part of our core service. We have extensive experience in supporting our clients by extending the functionality of existing platforms. By building connections and integrations we can help our clients to automate processes, allow deeper insight, offer a better customer experience, and more.

Customer Testimonials

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Rubens Angulo, Imagi Colors

"For almost 7 years I had an idea for my store that was denied me by some developers who said it would be too expensive or even impossible. I was almost believing in it when I got in touch with TheGenieLab. From the beginning, TheGenieLab were committed to making my idea work. They understood my needs, and developed an incredible app for my store. The app is perfect, fluid, mobile responsive and exactly what I had in mind. They have very patient and intelligent people in TheGenieLab."

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Joseph Yannik, Movement Food

“TheGenieLab are outstanding!! Michael who managed our project did a great job and made sure everything was perfect, I have never had such a positive experience with a development team before! Will be using TGL moving forward for every project!.”